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Thursday, March 8, 2012

"What do I know?"

We've had some changing events this week that has left me deep in thought but without words if that makes any sense. I have this sentence that I keep repeating inside myself saying, "what do I know?" You're probably wondering what I'm writing about and without disclosing lots of information it's basically questioning why doesn't common sense click "on" inside some individuals brains? My husband thinks that most of us are born with it, which leaves some of us without it at all. I don't believe this, I believe that it's a learning process. For example, I explained to my husband that speeding down the highway at 200km per hour has no common sense to it until you've hit that brick wall. Normally after that experience you won't drive at that speed ever again. Although sometimes there is individuals that keep speeding regardless of the impact. Does that mean they have no common sense or does that mean they just don't have the respect for themselves and others? Common sense must just naturally exist but it's chosen to be ignored. It must........right? Reflecting back when I was a teenager I know I had common sense but during that time I made some poor choices that improved my senses today. So perhaps in our life we are still developing that common sense through experience. Victor Hugo states, "Common sense is in spite of, not the result of, education" So that throws the Einstein theory out the window and highlights the idea that common sense comes from oppositional behavioral experiences not necessarily book smarts. Even myself now I question if my decisions for certain situations has any common sense to it......I have to analyze the whole scenario and hope that my results are rational with a positive outcome. Sometimes common sense is a choice, we know that it's wrong but we push our limits regardless of the consequences. I've heard the quote that common sense is not so common, but to argue - I believe it is, like everything; the moment we awake, it's a choice and we have that common sense usually to back our choices on why we choose to do something. What makes common sense not so common is we're all individually different and what's sensible to me, isn't sensible to someone else. BUT "what do I know?" seems lately I don't know much. Perhaps that means I don't have any common sense either!? One quote Christopher Paolini writes is, "Because you can't argue with all the fools in the world. It's easier to let them have their way, then trick them when they're not paying attention" I personally wouldn't call anyone a "fool" although Christopher has a point. I think common sense has to be an enlightenment, big enough that it's embedded so that you can use those senses again. In fact I really don't know.........except that all our senses are our own perceptions and no one can argue with that. So go sit on that crocodile!

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