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Monday, March 19, 2012

"Yummy food - not!"

Food. Normally we don't really think about what we're eating. Did you know chickens are raised fatter in half the time then the ole days? We all want white meat, so they are physically enhanced in their breasts from steroids in their food. Forty nine days from chick to chicken. Chickens are normally my favorite meat but I'm heavily contemplating on becoming a vegetarian. I'm not a huge meat eater to begin with but after watching a documentary on our food production, I'm not thrilled on how our meat is produced! A poultry house is disgusting. Did you know that corn is a filler? Corn is cheap and makes cows fat quickly. In fact corn is in everything including coke! Four hundred cows are killed an hour in the slaughter houses. When I was watching this documentary "" it wasn't an enlightenment but a reminder that with our forever growing population our food products come from mass production. Thousands of workers day after day usually have the same job as the food rolls through. Did you know one hamburger can contain different parts of a thousand cows? I am so glad that I don't eat red meat! The factories kill ecoli bacteria with ammonia before packaging. I remember when I was a child having our own little shed, a mini slaughter house for hanging deer meat. Hunting and fishing was a part of my childhood. We lived off of wild meat. Back then I didn't have a problem with it, in fact I learned fish eye balls bounce. I was a typical tom boy and our food back then was more likely better for us. Now thirty two thousand pigs are slaughtered daily in their own urine. The problem with today's society is money. Growing population, more products equals more money. I'm amazed on how one or two decades can change our lives. Revolution is definitely in control. It's a personal choice to make a lifestyle change, food is and has been on the top of my list. I know that when you pour coke on raw pork worms come out - it's fact. Pork if anything is the least of my desires. (We rarely purchase pork) Writing about worms, cook your white fish well! (A tip) Well I hope I didn't ruin your appetite, we all know that most foods are not that great for us, anything can be contaminated and most foods are full of fillers. Like my spur of the moment activities, my thoughts written can be as sporatic and unlike my blog title, food is and can be yummy too! Bon appetite!

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