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Sunday, March 18, 2012

"We split up"

Spur of the moment "me" decided to take five of our children to our local mountain for the weekend. My husband had our other half. I made the funny comment that "we split up" in fact we split in half and went our separate ways for two days! My weekend consisted of digging a cave tunnel into the chalet that hasn't been used for awhile. (Picture above) The shoveling took a few hours but my children didn't complain because during the shoveling process, most of my boys were making their own sled hill with a jump. I wandered over and jumped on the sled with four of my boys attached to me, down we went, flew over a jump and bam! We were "ok" I've been having some problems with my right hip lately so I only tried that once! We ended our Friday night with board games and a LATE night movie! My husband had a much safer evening with a walk and a early night at home. Saturday we ventured to the tube park and it was a very beautiful sunny weekend! During Saturday evening there was over twenty children in the neighboring chalets making snow caves and having snowball battles, boys verses girls. They had lots of fun! My husband took his half swimming and out for dinner. He made a comment to me that it was peacefully quiet around here without my half! What's really nice about splitting up and going our separate ways is we can accomplish more activities according to need and our children get a break from each other in smaller groups. My husband and I don't discuss our agendas one hundred percent because he's in charge with his half and I'm in charge with mine. Come Sunday night we all have something to share at the dinner table! My husband said it was great, they slept in and he noticed a few things that he never did before with one of our daughters. I also concluded that he slept in because I had all the early morning culprits! My only new enlightenment this weekend was with one of our sons; he has more spunk, more dare-devil in him that I knew about! Most of the time we do everything as a family, as a whole but it's so refreshing to split up. One attribute that my husband and I have is our independence. We can go our separate ways and it's great. With or without our children, we can enjoy life and we appreciate each other that we can. We are also confident with each other as parents that we don't worry, both my husband and I are fully capable in caring for our children without each other. It's awesome in fact knowing we can split up even at the spur of the moment and make life spectacular! And our weekend was!

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