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Sunday, March 25, 2012

"Changing the Law"

I spent a few hours speaking with different professionals about teenagers this morning. What I found out was it doesn't matter what authority you might hold, every ones hands are tied concerning teenagers behaviors. I was on the phone to a wonderful officer that explained to me she doesn't have control of her teenagers either. I am constantly stating there is no consequences for young adults. This officer explained until a crime is committed, there is nothing they can do. I then explained if there was consequences during teenage- hood, there wouldn't be a criminal...........I'm finding out as a parent of "a" uncontrollable teenager there is no resources available. With stating that, yes we do have our Ministry of Children and Families although they don't have any power when a child is sixteen and over either. This is where it gets tricky.........sixteen years of age and over has to consent but guess who's responsible? (The parent, although this should be changed - if you can be consensual for yourself) There is definitely a huge gigantic black hole within our system supporting families. I was speaking with an after hours Social Worker and she agreed with me, in order to gain control many laws need to change. My biggest question these days is why can't laws change? I'm somewhat ignorant in this area of life although I do have my own ideas of changing the future. 1. There is always support for a child regardless of the situation, where is the support for the parent? I am not meaning counseling. I mean if we have out of control teenagers, there should be a parent hot line in place where the teenager can be apprehended and placed into a safe, stable lock-down without the teens consent. Every situation would be directed accordingly and the length of stay is also not a teenagers decision. Like an intervention. I completely understand there is no funding from our government nor is this a supported or logical idea although isn't prevention the key to success? Wouldn't we have less imprisoned adults? Less adults on welfare? Less real homeless adults? If there was a preventative measure taken when it all began????? 2. Why should a teenager get away with their actions? Without consequences they're laughing and planning their next event while mocking it all over facebook. They just continue to build their disrespect for our police force, our Ministry and their parents. When a teens behavior is "out of control" I believe serious consequences should exist. (Having no consequences shows the teen they aren't loved) As I know sometime in their future (hopefully) they'll thank the individuals that were there maintaining a sense of normalcy with some action of discipline. Some have said eventually their lifestyle and choices will catch up with them, they have to hit rock bottom before accepting help. Ok. We have experienced this in the past and we came out on the positive side but what if that never happens? I guess it's the choice they've made correct? BUT if there was an intervention earlier there would be NO "but" on foretelling their future or at least a better hope, it doesn't. Parents need their power to continue to raise their children into healthy successful adults especially through these temperamental searching for their own independence years. What is completely ironic to me is everyone that I've talked too agrees....... so like the "Amber Alert" we should be developing a "teen alert" before it's too late. You know, laws are changing all the time and I believe the laws need to change concerning the consensual rights of under aged kids. Perhaps the future will be a better place.

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