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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ocean adventures

Today we had a great time in Victoria. Twelve of us went to the Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre where we spent a few hours exploring all different kinds of ocean creatures. Some of our children were watching an Octopus eating a crab. Where the octopuses tentacles wrapped around the crab and crushed it! Almost barbaric! Our children enjoyed learning about the life that exists underneath our ocean. It was a beautiful day. We packed a picnic and had lunch outside on the waterfront. Our littlest daughter waved and waved to the birds that circled around us and for me, just breathing in that fresh ocean air put a smile on my face. Spring is finally here! Those snow flurries can't fool us. After the discovery centre we went to our favorite child friendly restaurant, "Red Robin" Bottomless drinks with endless fries! One of our sons had four chocolate milks! Our waitress was excellent.............we didn't have to ask her for anything. She just kept coming. If a drink was finished, immediately there was one to replace it. Dishes were taken away, endless fries were coming and all our children enjoyed a strawberry sundae! I used to supervise a restaurant and I have to say, this waitress was on top of her job! When my juice was finished, I didn't even have to ask for water - there it was! Probably the best service I've seen in awhile. (Although we don't eat out much) Regardless, a big thank you "Nicolah" as it was a busy night for her! On our way home we had tons of giggles, lots of under the sea talk and an extremely funny dancing barbie doll my husband was playing with! My big kid. Our spring break adventures aren't over yet, next up the Pacific Rim Whale Festival!

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