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Monday, March 12, 2012

Child swapping

Over the weekend we had a child swap for three nights. We switched our thirteen year old for another thirteen year old with another adoptive family. We're good family friends and thought what a great idea, child swapping! Basically both our children get along with everyone in each others family. Why not a little change of dynamics? From what I understand, our child is making his bed over at their place and is quite reminds me of the "honeymoon period" while in an adoption placement. My friends' child was also very lovely, very interactive with our children. We didn't have one complaint. I kept asking her if she was bored? I even asked her, "I bet you can't wait to go home to where it's normal!?" (Ha ha) Her response, "Sort-of" What's really nice about child swapping for a few days is; the children miss and appreciate what they have at home. There is that familiarity that they're accustomed too. There was one evening at dinner I told our guest that she could eat. I believe her response was, "Oh weird, at home we wait until everyone is sitting down" That is an excellent table manner to have..........although for our home, either my husband or I are always moving because of our younger children needing more assistance. One of our sons was doing dishes, complaining because it was his turn. Our chore system is slightly different compared to our friends family and it resulted in a complaint from our son. He likes their system. I like their system too but again, we have our own reasons why our system is different. The first day the weather provided rain, hail, wind, snow and sun. We managed to walk a 4km trail along some waterfalls and played at the park. The rest of the time it was blowing 70km winds with side way rain pellets so we were confined indoors. That's where we watched several different movies and played some games. One evening I wasn't feeling so good, so I nestled (hid) in my room. Our family wasn't as active these past couple of days because our littlest daughter has been sick. It seems our "green hours" haven't finished but only returned to keep us wide awake at night! Regardless of our different scenarios that arise around here we're really trying to make the best of the beginning of our spring break! Now that our few days of child swapping has come to an end, I hope that my prediction of missing home from both parties is true. Speaking of truth - I conclude with this quote that seems so fitting to another scenario we've been dealing with lately.................

"Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth" - Henry David Thoreau

Truth is very hard to come by these days, especially with teenagers. Unfortunately we go back explaining it's like the boy who cried wolf.......eventually the boy is eaten because all his lies hid the one potential truth he needed to save his life.

Lessons are hard to learn...........and like my picture above while walking through the trails near the waterfalls, you can't hide from the lies for long. Behind those the truth.

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