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Saturday, October 1, 2011

My blog

I never realized when I started writing that my words would make any impact of any kind or that I would attract any readers. I'm not the greatest with my grammar and vocabulary. I'm also not a professionally educated individual, just a Mother learning to raise children with different special needs. When I write it releases my thoughts, it doesn't matter if I'm right or wrong - I'm just another person sharing experiences and sometimes hopeful words of wisdom learned through my own mistakes. After all I'm always searching for answers, a remedy to fix something that transpires throughout our day. I'm starting to figure out I'm not God. I definitely can't fix everything. Today I spoke on an Adoption Education panel for the third time. I enjoy speaking and could probably talk for hours with a-lot of "Ums" connecting to my answering and memory process. I was able to touch base on most of everything but it wasn't in depth like I can be on here. My blog seems to generate different and sporadic topics and sometimes when I re-read I'm rolling my own eyes asking, "What was I thinking writing that!?" But what's done is done like spilled milk. You're probably wondering where I'm going with all my jibber on this post like many others.....this post is for the individuals following my blog for many years. Some I know, some I'm getting to know and many I don't. I receive many confidential emails about my posts and I have to say that I feel so blessed to connect with others. Either they're looking for support or giving me encouraging words that support me during our challenging times. There is one lady that has touched my heart. I haven't met her yet but she's a person who writes me inspiring and beautiful emails. I just want her to know that I'm deeply grateful, appreciative and so honored that she's come forth confidentially through this blog. It's just amazing on how many people that we're unaware of who's out there that can make a difference in ones life. So this post is directed to anyone who feels alone, or feels they're going through something that someone hasn't - we all have gone through something and we all have something to share. We all can be equally helpful in ones life strangers or not. I think what's in the way of helping others is usually judgement and perhaps being afraid of speaking out. I've learned everyone has an opinion, it's our choice if we're going to listen to it or not. Sometimes just listening and leaving with pieces is helpful enough, like my blog. (Take it or leave it) I am dedicating this post to my readers that have connected with me because you've made a difference for me, you've given me the belief that perhaps I'm not all smoke, I can provide some support and if anything some realities that we're not alone as parents. Before this new improved template I wrote over 200+ posts that I deleted. (I regret it now) It was a few years, many hours of my thoughts and feelings I shared. I won't delete again.......because I've come to my own reality that if I'm mis-understood or I'm not the blogger for you, you won't read or you will for entertainment. Regardless there is so many people that have touched my heart, that I continue to write for and I'm so happy to have grown our support system through writing. Again, I'm very appreciative for everyone who opens their hearts and shares. Without it, we all could be lost wondering if we're alone? It's therapeutic to share experiences and feelings. In conclusion, thank-you so much for becoming a part of our lives through this blog. I appreciate it more then you know. Anne - you're wonderful and thank-you so much and I can't wait to meet you! Dhaanyabad..........

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