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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Define family

Feeling ill or not it was a beautiful day that wasn't going to be wasted. Thirteen of us decided to go venture off for the day at the corn field. Upon entering there's a fee with a family rate. So I asked if we qualified for this rate. She said, "No" Being that it was a gorgeous day with lineups behind us I thought I wasn't going to stir a fuss although something inside me questioned, "Define family?" Believe it or not, there was a day I wasn't confrontational but having a larger family needs advocating! So while the lineup grew I continued to ask, "How much then because we're one family and on your price list it states a family rate of $20.00?" "So if you aren't going to honor the family rate because of our size, how much? How much is the group rate? How much then if I have two under five, three under ten, six under fifteen and two adults?" I continued to ask. Personally I don't care who's eyes roll these days.....I just wanted to know an amount. The lady was clearly confused and finally said, "You can have our family rate" "Thank you" I said smiling. What was clear, no one could define what a family actually looks like. Personally I think it is honorable for establishments to honor their family rates. Large families will return and that equals profit because we will continue to go where we're acknowledged as a family. Not only that, we bought thirteen ice creams at $2.00 each! I do have to say it was a really great day together. Our children went on hayrides, we managed to find all four of the hidden objects consisting of a flower, a moon, a maple leaf and a star. We fed the piglets, goats and sat near a bomb fire. Definitely a better day. After the day we came home and had a BBQ. As much as I thought our weekend was looking bleak on how I'm feeling physically, it brightened with the sun and with our family enjoying a wonderful Thanksgiving Sunday! There was so many moments that made me our littlest daughter yelling, "Baby, baby" but everyone parroted "Beep Beep" (It was a had to be there moment) Then our eleven year old daughter was feeding an ostrich corn on the cob, she screamed with every bite the ostrich would take but she wouldn't let go of the corn!  After our day I thought to myself......without as many children as we have, our odds on experiencing what we do would be less, our laughter would be minimized and I felt so comforted that most of our children are still filling our days with their joy. We definitely have so much to be grateful for, basically family is people in it on whom we love and care for. With ours, that can be anybody wanting to be here. We've been looking after a little girl for over two years now and she joined us today. She made me a picture saying, "I'm as bright as the sun" (I try to be) Now that Thanksgiving is coming to an end, I'm always thankful for everyone in my life. I always will be even when it's difficult to define on who we are.

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