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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

"Action means more then words"

Now that our home is 99% completed inside, it's nothing but transformation out. My husband located on the tractor in the above picture has been contemplating about our property. We sought advice from a expertise source and realized quickly we're going to loose some trees. We found out even laying soil a foot thick or less can kill a tree. It makes sense, burying already rooted trees is a rotting casket. While we assessed our situation, some of our trees are already dying from being disturbed when our home was being built. This made our decision easier. Our plan is to remove the trees if they die. Otherwise our home is nestled with the privacy of nature all around us. When we lived in Fort St John we had a turn around driveway. So my husband is creating just that. A driveway where people can loop in and out. Where our children can drive their go-carts around and around. I've always been a beach comber and we had the idea of large planks of driftwood outlining our driveway instead of landscaping ties. The idea is separating our driveway from the rest of our yard. In hopes one day planting grass. We've been thinking about my greenhouse and where that would go. I always have enjoyed gardening and find it very therapeutic. The idea of a greenhouse raises questions because if a tree falls or a child decides to attack it with a foreign object when we're not looking, the greenhouse will be destroyed. So simple raised garden beds with fencing around it might be the ideal solution. Everything we do, we think about the preventative measures that might need to happen first before building it. (The pros and cons) It's just not about children, it's the area with the ideal lighting and animals. My husband and I work hard enough where we want the ending results to be successful. We have had beautiful weather that we're enjoying outside. So our work projects have shifted from inside to out. In about a weeks time, I will have my own craft room. An actual room where I can leave everything out while not working on it. Go back and it will be in the same place I left it! (Now that's a concept!) People still wonder on how we accomplish everything, basically it's all about "action" We're going to get-er done. I hear tons of people suggesting they're going to do something but nothing ever transpires. It's true, action means more then words. It's like a fine tuned vehicle, it won't run efficiently if not maintained. Like our home, it is what it is because of our work (action) involved. Everything and anything is an action. I'm not going to promise our children they're having fresh buns in their lunches, they are having fresh buns; just like we did build a larger home for our family. Somehow, some way anything can be done. Life isn't an excuse. Life shouldn't be full of broken thoughts. Honestly, our bank said, "Absolutely not, we can not help you build a bigger home" We did it anyway! Our children's comfort, our family's yearly memories with ongoing activities and our promises comes before any excuse known to man. And that's my "Amen" for today!

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