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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I am proud

We have a new chapter in our life beginning. Two of our adult children are moving out. Our oldest son already has and now our oldest daughter is moving. Before I had a really hard time with this, meaning our young adult children leaving our nest. Now not so much. I think from sixteen on it's a struggle being a parent while our teenagers seek their independence. So when they're eighteen and above wanting the responsibilities of looking after themselves, I'm surprisingly supportive! It's an exciting feeling I get knowing that my job as a parent supporting their child years are over. I explained that my parenting shifts. I can visit! I can help when called upon. Something what I love to do is bake, cook and share food! Visiting bringing food should open their door right?! Mmmm......So I'm excited! I'm a Mother with toddlers that I'm still potting training, I have a kindergartner, a grade two-er, a grade three-er, then four in grade six, one in grade eight, I home school our grade eleven-er, a soon to be graduate, then our adult children. One in University and the other who seems to be working really hard with many jobs. I feel somewhat experienced as a Mother. Now that I've felt every milestone that a child could have including many different special needs and developing needs, I feel confident to move into the next stage of their life. With this experience and confidence, I feel more able to approach this over and over again being that we have many children that will reach every milestone. Every stone turned over is a kiss good luck from me and it's bitter sweet. My children are my life. My daughter age twenty one, my son age eighteen I'm still here for. I definitely don't want to over-step my boundaries as their Mother into their adulthood like perhaps I did their childhood but I would love to be apart of it. That's why I keep writing how important family is.....parents and family are a great asset to have. I know that I have been enjoying my parents the more I age. Parents are the best friends we could ever ask for and I am so thankful that I have recognized this with mine. With that next step, that next children living on their own.....I'm not only excited, I am proud. It's natural at this point to take a few steps back and I'm completely "ok" with this. I cheer my children onward as now it's their turn...........and I quietly laugh thinking we only have twelve more to go with three staying forever I'm sure. And here's a secret....."I'm proud with that too!"

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