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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"Why we adopt; see lower posted song"

I stumbled across a song that's located below that I titled, "Why we adopt" Out of all our adoptions this song reminds me mostly of one of our sons. He was in ten different foster homes by the age of nine. When we met him, he wouldn't look at us. When we went to "The house" they called it, it was nothing I've ever experienced stepping into. There was workers that came in and out on shifts. I learned it's a typical group home setting. Can you imagine having such a unstable childhood as this? It was scary for all of us because there was no trust. No confidence. No love. Our son was only used to being sedated while mis- behaving and taken away by the police. I remember fondly in our first year him yelling, "Call the police on me!" I then said, "I don't call the police to take away my child" He came to us with a black garbage bag half full of used clothing. No toys. He was separated from all his siblings. Now today, he has a home for as long as he wants it. A family that will remain forever. Listen to the song below, this is why we adopt.

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