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Friday, October 28, 2011

Tis the occasion comes the season!

Happy Halloween. Our Friday night consisted of gutting and carving pumpkins. It was a three hour process. We managed to carve eleven pumpkins. There was an alien, a few big teeth guys, a pikachu, a stick man, a ghost, a spider, a few happy faces and a "little mom" because I chose the smallest pumpkin. Our home smells of burning pumpkins slash roasting pumpkin seeds! I made two different pumpkin seed flavors, my traditional with garlic and seasoning salt. The other has more zing with a Spanish seasoning. One thing I love with every occasion is the different smells that distinguish one from another. Honestly I'm not a huge fan of Halloween. In the past I dressed up. Now I take the day walking around in my pajama's with my bed hair. It's one day a year I can actually get away with whatever I want. What I don't like is the candy. The endless wrappers. Finding wrappers inside, outside and in pockets during laundry. Finding wrappers in the lint screen. Another Mother said that she would allow her children to eat all the candy, go nuts, get sick until it was all gone in a matter of days. Usually we will take the candy and manage it accordingly. Either way, it's an occasion less desired. I do like roasting the pumpkin seeds! And after October 31st is when I really get down to business with the countdown until Christmas. We're really looking forward to Christmas this year because it's at our house with all our family on Christmas day. It will be a big group gathering worth having. (Something we don't do very often, if at all) I find as I get older that life with family is so important. This year I believe to be especially, so I won't hold's going to be a very Merry Christmas. I'm not writing about "gifts" I'm writing about gatherings with food and games throughout December. Remember December 1st Christmas here begins. (oh boy, oh boy) For us, it's one month away the day after Halloween. So Happy October 31st everyone, no matter how you celebrate it, Nov 1st is the day after and the next season begins!

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  1. I totally agree with you Dec.1st Christmas begins but at our house Ive declared it one week early. Only b/c Our son will be 21 months old and Im excited to seem him get involved and we also need a bit of a distraction b/c we will be viewing some profiles of kids this month for our second time adopting and this time we are hoping for a SIB group of 2 maybe 3. We are super excited and scared all at the same time but what a perfect time of year to be doing it. I love your blog. Very inspiring. We are looking to join in on an adoption camp out in Maple Ridge in March, should be great fun.
    I have started a blog myself over 2 years ago recording my thoughts, fears and joys that came along with our process and it is a great release for me to sit and type and type and type and then re read what Ive typed, great to reflect on my thoughts, I've never been one to type out my feelings I usually paint but since painting was put on holdish 9hard to get in the studio) Blogging has definitely helped.
    Anyway hello my name is Carly and I saw your blog featured in the Oct/Nov Adoption Magazine.
    Thank you again for sharing your family and yourself with us.