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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Aug 14/1999

We've been going through lots of inside material items. Eliminating while shuffling because most of our internal renovations are done! I came across a picture of my husband and I when we were married over twelve years ago. I sat down reminiscing. I remember fondly one of the first conversations we had together. Interestingly enough it was about children. I already had two from a previous marriage. This conversation was about adopting believe it or not. Our original plan was to adopt overseas. We never knew we could adopt within our own Province. We also never realized while saying our vows that we would have a large family. I remember telling my husband that I didn't want to be married. I tried several times to basically get rid of him. I know, I  know........I really wasn't deserving. He never left. He was a man that was already dedicated and knew exactly what he wanted regardless of what I was telling him. Eventually he won my heart. I often hear people say, "It was love at first sight" with their relationships, I personally don't believe that. "Lust at first sight" - maybe; although love is developed through time, connection and compatibility. Thinking back I would change only one detail about our wedding day. Adding my sister. She didn't attend. Otherwise it was a memorable day. We were married on the beach. A simple beach wedding walking in bare feet in the sand. My husband wanted the theme based around his 57 Chevy, so our colors were red and white. Red roses with white Lilly's and our cake topper was a 57 Chevy die cast car. Our wedding wasn't catered, our whole family pitched in and made a wonderful spread of different foods. We rented a little hall and celebrated. The next day we left with our two children to Disneyland. Not exactly a honeymoon but right from the beginning it was about our children. Here's a man with no children taking two then up to fourteen children without question in a matter of twelve married years. (I believed I warned him) Regardless, looking at the picture above reminds me of who we were, where we started and as much as we have our moments, I'm fortunate he's my husband. We aren't perfect but we're still a couple. When I think about him, I think he's a hard working family man. A man that will do anything for his family. In fact, he's a one man show building our home, taking care of our vehicles, absolutely doing everything to better our lives. He gives more then he gives to himself. Always has. When I think about "us" - we are meant for each other. I know of some other large/larger families, and it's not a life for everyone. So meeting someone who is compatible that can grow together through all the challenges raising children and doesn't jump a plane is remarkable! My husband will never leave.......we often joke saying if anything it would be the war of the roses with a white line through-out our house stating, "Do not cross" until one of us gives up holding the peace sign. (It's never come to that) Pictures bring up many memories. We have tons of albums that I can't wait to spread out one evening and have our children reminisce like I do. It's an evening we're all looking forward too. It will bring up conversation, we will laugh and it's a bonding experience for everyone. Like passing the object and letting the one holding the object speak, it will be passing the albums one by one instead of a movie night. (I'll still make the garlic popcorn) For now, I have to go thank my husband for sticking around, being a great provider and Father to all our children. I know all to well, it's a very thankless position to be in. In conclusion, after all this significant reminiscing, I have to write; I give so much acknowledgement and credit to individuals who are single parenting. I recognize what I have with my husband and for those who are parenting alone, wow. Good for you! I mean that soul heartily and if I was a millionaire - I would reward you but for now, I just can't write enough how wonderful you are! For me, August 14/1999 was my winning ticket - my husband.

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