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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Where to live.......will always be a question?

I've been preparing meals all morning for our family because I'm out of Province for two days. It was actually very pleasant cooking in the kitchen while watching the snow fall. It reminds me of up North. In some ways I wish we were still located there. I miss my husbands brothers family. They have twelve children and I miss being their Auntie. We didn't live there long enough because we found it inconvenient and expensive to travel back and forth to town. We were paying another mortgage in gas alone monthly. The Country school was at least an hour bus ride one way which seemed to develop more behaviors with some of our children. The nearest city was forty-five minutes away and our family was approximately one hour. Mostly our schedules conflicted and we weren't seeing each other nearly enough. I do miss the Country atmosphere where you can see for miles, the electrical storms, the quietness of seclusion. We had eighty acres of land with a beautiful log home, our nearest neighbor was at least 2 km away. In the evening you can hear howling wolves and early mornings you awoke by yapping coyotes. We had a resident moose that seemed acclimatized with us humans. Every time we drove anywhere we were greeted with waves and smiles from our neighboring Mennonite communities. There's pros and cons about anywhere you live. I find in more populated places people aren't as friendly, everyone is in a hurry and life has to be a certain way or it's not politically correct. Being out in the middle of no where how we were didn't matter. I liked the fact we didn't know anyone. It was interesting because other children at school would question ours about what city life is like or what the ocean looks like. It doesn't matter where we are, we all get used to our surroundings and sometimes we over look the beauty that circles us. We have the ocean, the lakes, rivers and mountains that are majestic while others have that endless sky and miles of brilliant colors. For me I can appreciate the wild life, the extreme cold conditions and the differences in places. (I do miss it as much as we had experienced it) I do question what's the right location. Ultimately there isn't. If I could win the lottery, (starting with buying a ticket) I would definitely buy a home up North. That way we could juggle our life accordingly to appreciate both locations. For now, watching the snow a reminder of what we're missing and appreciating of what we have. We're grounded where we are so traveling is our only opportunity. "See you soon sister!"

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