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Monday, January 16, 2012

Simply love

Mmmmmm..............stumped for words. The recent weather has hindered my stair climbing. I've pulled out my treadmill although I couldn't get to it. So today I ended up baking! (A Monday tradition of mine) While the day disappeared I was thinking on how nice it's been around here. Our dynamics have changed somewhat. It's changed enough where I've been switching up my time and attempting different one on ones or sometimes three on one depending on the activity. My husband took four of our boys skating on the weekend and I wish I had a camera. Poor guy fell three times! I've been taking our children to different movies according to age. It's nice for our children to take turns and have that time with their Mom and Dad. I bought loads of groceries the other night and my son and I spent some quality time together. Had dinner, talked and laughed about nothing. It's been really nice. It can be as simple as that. During our nightly routine, most of our children have their own way of being "tucked in" Some have stories, some just like a hug, others want each blanket put on, then there is our daughter that likes to hide. I will go in and find her....(under her covers)....then I yell, "BOO" then she screams and laughs hysterically every night. Life can be simple, can be fun and sometimes someone awakes on the wrong side of the bed. It's not so simple anymore. It doesn't matter what the issue is, there is no rationalizing. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is so damaging to a child's brain. I witness it daily in our home and I often have to remind my husband to just let that issue go. It's not understood. As a mother with FAS children I hate the diagnoses because it's such a hidden disability. Rarely is there facial abnormalities and when our children are behavioral people don't understand. Our children don't understand.  Repetitiveness black and white instructions all the time. So I can definitely write about having a simple peaceful life but it comes with patience on a daily basis. Sometimes I believe it's better if a child's diagnoses can be seen physically so that way individuals know the reason on why their behaviors. Even the child with the behavior has no idea on why they're behaving that way. So it's difficult to pursue a consequence. I find with constant repetition and routine it helps keep life simpler. I often explain to some of our older children that life can be easier with knowledge of yourself, how you tick (inside that brain) and if there is complications......anything like depression or a mental illness; with a proper diagnoses and perhaps medication you can be a happy functional human being. I personally like waking up on the right side of the bed. Like this post it's completely lost ............stumped for words, a great simplistic life with one on ones to questioning why am I acting this way? Like today, there was bits of everything and unfortunately what we see in the mirror isn't necessarily a true reflection. Putting on skates doesn't mean my husband can skate either (lol) but one thing I do know is regardless of any damages done to our brains, we're working hard for our own cure together. Simply love.

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