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Tuesday, January 10, 2012


 Today I left early to renew my passport for my birthday present! I know, it's exciting. My dear friend came with me and treated me out for lunch. In the morning I wanted to dress in style, whatever "style" is. As mine consists of pulling anything out of my closet I haven't worn in awhile. My husband bought me some perfume for Christmas. Normally I don't where much scent but today with my style I had to have perfume! So a little spray here, a little spray there I was ready to go! At first it was a beautiful smell. In fact it is a beautiful smell although intoxicating! I felt so sorry for my friend while driving down the highway practically gagging with the van windows open! I decided to take out my hand sanitizer foam (the only wet item I was carrying) and I rubbed it all over my neck and wrists. The funny part was - it didn't help! All I can smell was this strong scent of perfume with alcohol from the foam sanitizer! From that point I made comments like, "I should roll in grass!" and "I hope we don't get pulled over, the police officer will make me walk a straight line!" We did make it to the passport office without any vomiting incidences. Crazy enough after all the paperwork I did for renewing my passport, it was simpler and quicker then anticipated. Soon after we went for lunch at a little fish and chip cafe. It was pretty good. Then we proceeded to this Super Warehouse where you can purchase larger quantity items. It's a warehouse where restaurant owners would purchase their goods. After that we ventured home. When I arrived home everyone was yelling, "Happy Birthday" I've received many wishes today from phone calls, to texts, to facebook and emails and "Thank you" so much for wishing me a great day! I also thank my friend for accompanying me, treated me out and being able to cope with my odor! Some of my children made me homemade cards, one card has a dime attached to it, another made this thing out of paper (not sure what it is) My oldest son bought me body soaps and soap hair products. This is the first time I have ever seen soap for hair. It's called Lush, fresh handmade cosmetics. I'm thinking this is going to be interesting. It has a jungle solid conditioner for hair that's in a bar of soap, squeaky green solid shampoo, a sugar scrub, a sea vegetable soap and a peach massage bar. I'm thinking to myself with my thick curly hair it's going to be an wild experience. Nevertheless it was really nice coming from my oldest son. My second oldest son purchased a card for me that writes; What is a Mom? She's the one who believes in you, who wants the best for you, who understands you, and most of all....who loves you. "Grateful" is not nearly enough to describe having you for a Mom. You know, I've never cared about material items......mostly being acknowledged and sometimes appreciated is all I want. So it's refreshing to sometimes feel that way and today I did. By the little taped dime in a homemade card, to our littlest son bringing me a box with his own toys in it saying, "This is for your birthday Mommy" It really did highlight my day. Then my oldest daughter, oldest son and his girlfriend and I went and watched a movie. Not a movie to share, it was horrible but the point is; we were together. Every thought, every wish, every moment made my day. Thank you very much and I'm just truly honored to have friends and family like I do. I haven't written in four days...(?)....I have decided at the end of each post I will share my strengthening goals. (An update) It will inspire me. mmmmm.......and perhaps you. Now that I'm 39, my goal is to be a strong, fit 40 year old! I have one year.

My first update - 2,340 stairs in one hour with 50 triceps dips. I remain here until I can gain more speed with less time.

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  1. Happy belated birthday Carrie ~ sounds like you had a great day which I'm glad to hear... you deserve it!