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Sunday, January 1, 2012


Congratulations! Some of us splashed into the ocean for the Polar Bear swim. It was the 22nd Annual Polar Bear Splash! Can you find us? (I was just taking pictures) One of our sons is completely under water in the above picture! One year I attended the Slush Cup up at Mt. Washington on skis, when I came down that hill and splashed into the ice-berg water, I gasped for air! In fact I believe my heart stopped momentarily! It was shocking.......example video displayed below:  So I know all about being shockingly cold! I'm not sure about these waters above but our boys were shaking! A great beginning.....speaking of great beginnings and cold weather......a dear friend of mine and I are booking a short week cruising to Alaska! Thank you to our supportive husbands and Bon Voyage! January 1st has been successful with planning and splashing our way into a great New Year!

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