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Friday, January 6, 2012

The best medicine!

Bloggers can write about anything. Sharing an online journal regardless the writing techniques and skill can be interesting, sometimes enlightening with ideas and sometimes somewhat inspiring reading others experiences, challenges and success stories. I've been following a few blogs myself and people are miraculous! I came across a woman's blog that she just started about conquering her own mental health, loosing weight and is launching a fundraising bicycle expedition across Canada this summer to raise funds for depression. She's on my blog list named Marina Bakker- Ayers. She hasn't posted for awhile and I read when she does. She lives here locally and is a very inspiring woman. Basically I wanted to share because lately I've been extremely happy getting back outdoors exercising. It helps accomplishing a finished workout if you have inspiration and supports behind you! Like anything we do - we can do it better with supports. My sister started me on stairs seen above about two weeks ago. My first time, I did over a thousand. I believe ten times; that included going down and up, that's one time. I struggled walking, sitting, sleeping and yes - getting on and off the toilet for three days after! (I thought I can't do this again) Crazy. The fourth day I went back out and topped my 1,740 steps to 1,989. I was worried about the after math and there wasn't any! It was like I was conditioned to explain it. Today I topped 2000 steps, 2,340 in the rain to be exact! Every time I go, I want to accomplish more steps with less time. I'm figuring three times a week. Right now it takes me one hour each time. I've noticed that skipping a step is easier to run stairs, it changes up the workout. See - basically I am a busy woman with my large family, seven days a week. It's not chaotic, our home is not messy or unorganized, it's completely the opposite. I bake, cook, clean, attend appointments weekly, I do one on one time, I run errands, taxi name it, I'm doing it. I could have my life as an excuse but I don't. So when people explain to me that they're too busy, my response makes them think twice! I'm not doing this to gain muscle and become the next Iron "Woman" For months I haven't exercised, I started to feel tired and exhausted. I can honestly tell you exercise in the morning lifts your energy levels for the whole day! Not only that - your spirit! (If you need that kind of uplift) My husband has been getting out every night walking our dogs for 2 km around our loop. I won't go in the dark! He also feels better endurance wise. What's really interesting, I disliked going upstairs in our home. Now it's so short, quick and easy that I enjoy going up and down the stairs inside our house because it's no sweat! The past couple hours I've climbed stairs I've been using an Ipod. Listening to music can also be inspiring in so many ways, sometimes I have my whole body moving with each step. Like laundry (with music) anything can be a dance! After climbing stairs this morning I mailed off our daughters' hair after extensive research on where it should be sent. Then I came home and made a homemade chicken and rice soup with beans and carrots. Popped popcorn for their movie snack! I used to write a lot of food recipes.....then after deleting over 200 posts I haven't redeemed the interest. Although I do have to write that this popcorn has roasted garlic and pepper butter smothered all over it! I know, not very healthy BUT for our children it's delicious! Something with popcorn is, don't be shy. Add ingredients because if anything, it is healthier then the alternative and less costly! Now that I've multi -tasked while writing, I should post and get our children ready for our movie night! Have a great weekend and remember - if you're feeling sluggish, just get outside! It's the best medicine!

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