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Thursday, January 26, 2012


A few nights ago our power went out from severe winds. It was approximately 1:00am - 4:00am where our home was completely blackened. Normally in those hours we wouldn't notice but our alarm system went off awakening some of our children. From there we were hooped for any chance of sleep. We had flashlights going in almost every room! Our phone was ringing from the alarm system company and it seemed so chaotic within those hours. It was feeling somewhat foreign to me. In the morning we learned that a home burnt down during the power outage in our area. Not only was the home, two vehicles were burnt and two children ages seven and nine perished that evening. I was not going to write about this topic although I don't believe ignoring it solves heart break for this grieving community, for the families and parents that lost two young children. Nothing will bring back lives that were lost, it's devastating. My heart and prayers goes out for this family and I can't imagine their loss. I've been contemplating for days what I could do or if I should attempt to do anything? It's a hard question to answer as only days after people are grieving......and will grieve for years perhaps their life time. I understand they had no insurance and they've lost everything. I do know that if anyone wants to make clothing and other donations they can do so at the Tsow-Tun Le Lum treatment centre at 699 Capilano Rd or call 250-390-3123. I know materials, money nor food can't bring back these two little boys but they need on-going please donate and with respect, that's all I wanted to write.

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