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Friday, January 13, 2012

"A house full of peace"

Last night our oldest daughter and her boyfriend bought us dinner at the Keg. Not only did they buy us dinner, they babysat. Before we went I made a ham dinner for fifteen and snuggled in half our children to bed. I explained the "deal" before we left. (Meaning I was relieving myself of worry) My daughter nicely reminded me she knows how to look after her siblings. During dinner my husband and I questioned what we're going to talk about. He suggested we have a staring contest! There was a rule - no talking about children or vehicles! Turned out we talked about home-schooling. Next September we're home-schooling four-five of our children. My husband and I are "Empire builders" and 90% of the time our focus is on our children. We don't sit down long so after dinner we were gone! I asked my daughter if it was "Ok" to go to Walmart! Funny, whenever we go out, we're multi-tasking. One of our sons is going to a friend's birthday party and we needed to buy a gift. That was our evening. What's really nice is not the fact we went out, it was the thought behind it. Our oldest daughter arranged all this. Her boyfriend that we adore played board games with our boys, our oldest daughter loved up her littlest sister and everything went smoothly. Our oldest son and his girlfriend was here watching the Hockey game. It was a house full of peace. Something that I always wish for, a peaceful family getting along and helping each other. Last night without our supervision it was.........a connection with siblings. My husband and I rarely travel together, especially alone. During our drive we did question what would happen if we both passed away suddenely at the same time? We have a Will that clearly outlines our wishes although nothing is 100% In fact it lead us to make an appointment to change our Will, question what anything and everything will look like if we both passed suddenely. I believe a clear path should be outlined even if we only had one child. Interesting how a night out can transpire preparations for the future. Nevertheless it was a very thoughtful and wonderful gift that we received from our oldest daughter. For me, it wasn't just about going out, it was about a family coming together. That was the biggest gift of all. PS - (My husband ate that cake!)

January 12th -Update:  2km run, 1,755 stairs and 40 tricep dips. Changing it up!

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