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Saturday, January 14, 2012

A beautiful day!

What a wonderful beautiful sunny blue skied day! Our morning was planned out where most of our children were going to the park with their Dad while I took four of our boys to the stairs! They are troupers! In fact, they are like little sponges. I think they enjoyed exercising with their Mother! Today was one of my best workouts. 2,340 stairs, 100 tricep dips then after leaving the stairs, my boys and I ran 4 km to the park to meet up with the rest of our family! It was an excellent day because mostly we were outdoors. I love the outdoors! I can't express enough on how our natural surroundings makes me so happy. The stairs is located just above the ocean. We see squirrels and eagles almost every time we go climbing! We're always meeting new people of all ages climbing stairs. The oldest was 80! I told him he needs an ipod! What was really cool about today was when our boys met each other on the stairs, they high fived each other. I thought to myself what great encouragement. Every time they made it to the top, they would ask, "How many have you done?" Not only to me but to strangers! Who would of known climbing stairs would build confidence, cheering on each other and just boosting other individuals workout. See, what my children don't realize is I'm always paying attention and I've told them that I was impressed witnessing all the high fives today! Basically it's an individual workout but today it was team-work! I've found out that exercising becomes addictive. I won't lie. It's difficult at first but with commitment and the belief you can and it gets better - you can do it! With the stairs I climb, I won't take some of our children because it can be dangerous for unbalanced people. Which means I never have a "set" time to go, it's when I can. What's really nice about some of our boys is they like to compete. So if I'm up to 15 sets, they're at 16! Very cute although I keep reminding them to pace themselves or they'll be like I was the first time I did it, stiff, sore and sometimes needing a support bar to pull yourself up from a seating position! After our morning we treated our children out for lunch, did a few errands and called it a beautiful day!

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