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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

"G's Auto Service"

Now that our children are back in school, we're booking up with multiple appointments. I'm the appointment attender while my husband is getting his "at home" business underway. His garage is looking more like a place to work. Yes, finally he's starting his own Mechanic shop soon! More likely named, "G's Auto Service" I suggested "G of all trades" (He just chuckled) So my husband has his Mechanic and Autobody tickets - he is the man that does everything with perfection behind his work! Not only does he work on vehicles, he builds boat motors and works on anything mechanical! He can weld and build houses from the ground up! From the foundation to the electrical to roofing and framing! You name it! (Although he doesn't want any house building opportunities) lol Mechanics is where he's happy. With Mechanics comes computers and a more electrical world regarding vehicles. My husband always said that he should of went to BCIT (British Columbia Institute of Technology) for Mechanical Engineering. Honestly, he's extremely smart this way! In fact he even drew up our house plans before building the whole structure himself! (Of course with inspections and followed regulations along the process) He always tells our children if you're interested in Mechanics, you're a good reader (lots of material) and excellent with math - go all the way! For myself, once written; everything I've done or have been interested in doing doesn't involve having children - go figure! Although I will honestly say that I'm content following the path we're on. For me it's one way or the other, a career or children. I love dedicating myself to our children with some allotted time for me once in awhile. I have thought about some online writing and journalism courses because one day writing a book would be a great accomplishment that I've always wanted to do since age twelve. When my life becomes "quieter" I will. I'm a believer in following dreams and putting the positive energy forth into something brings results. We are a family that is proof of that in many ways. We were told we couldn't build a home to provide room for our large family, we did on our own. We were never sure if any of our adoptions would take place but they did. We were told that one of our daughters wouldn't keep up with our active family, she does. Some individuals were unsure if a behavior could be eliminated within one of our children because of sensory issues, it did. I have a niece that's severely handicapped from being shaken at birth, she was to remain at a three month level, she interacts and now walks! Will our home-based business rise above ground? Yes. A few huge questions we're asked occasionally, "Will our littlest daughter walk?" Yes I believe so. "Will we ever adopt again?" Another serial adopter once told me, "Never say never" "Will I write a book that I talk about?" Absolutely. This is just a few examples that anything can happen with believing. Put your energy into the path you want to follow but keep in mind nothing comes easily or quickly. Have patience, a positive outlook and put your dedication and work into it. If you can do this...........your dream (realistically) will come true. Like one of our sons said before Christmas, "All I want for Christmas if for my little sister to walk!" Again, I believe she will with time and therapy. (Work) Because even mastering walking, like skiing, like building a home, a business or writing a book you need belief and power behind it that it can be done! There is no limitations and if there is.......then the first step too success is asking on how to get past that limitation stumbling block and that's usually in our own mind.

"Keep your dream alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe" - Gail Devers.

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  1. You’re very lucky to have a husband who is the "Jack of all trades", huh. From a mechanic to a carpenter and a welder, he can do everything to support you and your family. A huge salute to you, and I wish that you and your family will be able to pursue all you dreams.