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Monday, January 23, 2012

I can guarantee something

Today was my catch up day. You know that neglected laundry?! It's finished. Then I made this dinner consisting of marinated steak, mashed potatoes, butternut squash with stuffing. The easiest part about this stuffing was I wasn't squishing into a bird! Then while most of our children were playing outside, I was running on my treadmill. See - if the weather doesn't allow the stairs, I have a back-up plan! Personally and honestly everyone should have a treadmill. It's elaborating and relieves stress if you have any! I feel very happy after I've accomplished some exertion. Not only that, if I can't leave my house for some reason  (children) I can take 30-45 minutes running inside! So today was 45 minutes before dinner jogging at a 4.5 pace. Before and after I do 20 sit ups. This is a nice change when I can't do stairs. Sometimes I have our children just watching and or waiting for their turn. So my own personal mission continues. So I don't know if I've inspired anyone to start exercising along with me, because remember there is no excuse unless it's physically impossible. I do have an idea, the posts that have my updates - you can post a comment how you're doing. This way we can inspire together! OR secretly send me an email, I get those from time to time. I've also been learning some facts about certain foods. Did you know cinnamon balances blood sugar, boosts your metabolism and soothes inflammations? Another really great snack is edamame beans, soy nuts or almonds instead of my favorite and soft spot CHIPS! I'm not a professional trainer nor a nutritionist, just a Mother that knows minimal, learning through my own research and feeling healthier as every day goes by! I know I can out-write certain topics and it becomes repetitious but if you feel fatigued, get out walking at least ten minutes a day, it will change how you feel for the rest of your day! I guarantee it.

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