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Saturday, November 12, 2011

I prefer "Etch A Sketch" for our children

You know what's interesting about the Internet? You can post absolutely anything. I wrote about Facebook before and I'm the only few people in our home that is allowed Facebook for several different reasons. These Internet sites that you can create your own identity I'm assuming is very self gratifying. Changing your name, developing new parents and siblings. Being married when that's completely impossible. Exchanging information, adding multiple friends that you don't even know because it makes you feel "popular" Realistically, who has 500 friends? These sites can be helpful for many different reasons but also harmful to some that abuse its intent of use. Like my blog for example. Am I a Mother of fourteen children who writes the truth coming from my heart? I could very well be fiction. I think our children really need to be educated before starting online communications. Reality isn't what it's made out to be and for our vulnerable children, they need to know that accepting a friendship request from a stranger online can be just as dangerous meeting them on the street. Children are communicating with potential predators. Mary Jane might be Bob Who-knows-who age fifty five wanting to chat, to see some pictures, to eventually meet. For a teenager needing or feeling they need friendships, Bob has potentially set the bait. We have a family computer sitting in the kitchen that's barely turned on. We usually use it for homework purposes. What we choose to allow in our home is the only protection we can provide. Otherwise what happens outside our home we can't control. I know some individuals think we're depriving our children, perhaps imprisoned with forms of isolation but to be honest, outdoor and physical interaction is and will always be best. When I was a child, we didn't have computers. I picked up the telephone that was connected to the wall. Stood there connected by a cord while my Mother listened to every word. I went out and socialized. There is a etch a sketch floating around on Facebook that writes, "When I was a kid, this was my computer" on the etch a sketch screen. Very true. What children/teenagers don't realize that the internet is a privilege needed to be used wisely. As technology continues to evolve, it's providing many excellent services and resources although when online messaging becomes the main source of communication, I think we're loosing the closeness of human to human interaction. I'm also guilty for texting instead of calling because it's convenient. Also with the teenagers these days, they communicate easier through texting then face to face. My husband can text on his dinosaur phone but that's completely it. He doesn't have Facebook, or any online accounts. He's actually quite funny on the computer while his frustration level heightens, you can hear him speaking to the computer as if it will comply. For me, I enjoy what the computer (technology) has to offer. I'm definitely not against it but as a Mother I like the simple etch a sketch screen where there's no harm behind it. At least until our children can treat it seriously and with caution.

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