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Thursday, November 3, 2011

"We're outta here!"

"High Ho....High Ho, off to camp we go!" Friday, Saturday and Sunday we're off to our annual adoption family camp. Camp Homewood. Our children are extremely excited. A camp where our children connect with other family friends, where they sail, horseback ride, try archery and rivalry, play sports at the bus barn, have fun on the obstacle course, do crafts, multiple different activities and prepare for a talent show. It's me and ten of our children with approximately fifteen other families! I might not get any sleep but it's all about our children. Well.......I believe I have some friends there too! While I'm away with our children, my husband is finishing flooring. It's his perfect opportunity to take advantage of an empty house! (I sure hope he dusts after!) On our way to Camp Homewood, we always visit Grandma and Grandpa. :) Their new Boston better be ready for some attention because we're coming! So.....this is a short, quick to the point post because I have some packing to do. This time I have extra equipment to pack! (A wheelchair, a rolling chair and a highchair) I wonder where that will go?! Have a great weekend everyone! We will!

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