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Thursday, November 24, 2011

"I admit, I am crazy"

I have a certain amount of hours to Christmas shop sporadically on different days where there isn't any other appointments happening. Today I managed to squeeze in three and a half hours! Before I go each time, I have a list of maybe four children that I'm concentrating on. I know exactly what I'm looking for and usually where. I do price checking before hand. While shopping I'm always keeping my eyes open for great deals. I won't lie......I get really excited when something seems just right for someone and it's on sale! Tomorrow is Black Friday in the States. Black Friday is traditionally the first Christmas shopping day with extremely low prices after the United States Thanksgiving Holiday. If I was prepared, I would of went just for the experience. Although getting back into Canada following the Black Friday would prove interesting with my van loaded of Christmas presents. So I've never been tempted to try it! I can hear the headlines all over the News, Mother of Fourteen smuggles enormous amounts of goods the day after Black Friday! For the States, it's their busiest shopping day all year. I can just imagine the crowds of people fighting over "Rocking Elmo" It reminds me of the movie "Jingle all the way" where that last popular toy was sold out and two fathers did everything humanly possible to get it. I remember one year when the movie "Toy Story" was big and one of our sons loved that show. He loved Woody. This was the toy. When I went to buy it, it was all sold out. Everywhere! We have friends that live in Corona California and I asked, "Can you please send Woody?" Then just before Christmas more Woody's came in stock, so I purchased one quickly. I wasn't sure if the Woody coming from California was going to make it. By December 25th, we had two Woody's! Last year I left the advent calendars until last minute! I looked everywhere for those silly chocolate calendars and our children went without. (not that big of a deal) Although it bothered me more then anything else! SO as soon as I seen them, I picked up a stack full! As you can tell, I have this sentimental "issue" with Christmas. I remember fondly my childhood Christmas's. When I awoke Christmas morning, my sister and I would be so thrilled with our home made cabbage patch dolls our Mother made. Back then, the cabbage patch dolls were the "big" in thing but they were roughly $60.00 each! Expensive. My mother made her own designed as family members. I also remember she made me this big green frog. A frog that I sat on while watching Gilligans Island and Little house on the Prairie. Times sure have changed.........but I have these memories that will last forever, memories I want our children to have. So really, it's not about the shopping, the material items, it's about some surprises, making a magical morning in hopes they will continue for their own children. Just like our month of's about platters of food, family games and enjoying each other - building up to that day I fondly remember as a child. My husband STILL brings out his stocking that he made when he was five! It's made of felt. Santa's beard is ripped off. He could be missing an eye. BUT every year he brings out his stocking, hangs it by the fireplace. Every year he tells the story about his stocking. (Very cute actually) The funny thing about it is, I can't fit anything into it. It's so old and fragile that every time I push something into it, another felt part falls off! Throughout December we always watch "Christmas Vacation" with Chevy Chase and all the other classics. Two of my favorites are "Christmas in Plum Creek" - Little house in the Prairie and "The Christmas Shoes" You know, as much as I shop for some material items our children want - in the end, it's the thought what counts. It's all about the memories. It's a cycle that I as a Mother want our children to continue. Above is one of my favorite songs and show - "The Christmas Shoes" Only one more month to Christmas everyone! Exactly! And I admit, I am crazy - over Christmas!

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