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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Countryside Christmas

What a wonderful day! My mother gave me my Christmas present early. It consisted of a lunch buffet and a Theatre performance two hours long called "Countryside Christmas" in Chemainus. My mother, sister and niece attended this fantastic day together. The gentlemen above gladly allowed me to take his picture during our buffet lunch. He was excellent on the piano playing all sorts of familiar songs including the soundtrack from Charlie Brown and songs from Elton John. It was very peaceful listening to his beautifully played music. After our two hour lunch we were seated into the Theatre that was magically displayed for Christmas. The performance was set back in the 1980's. (Not long ago) It's about this family and their Christmas together. It was extremely funny. I enjoyed myself immensely. I'm not going to write about the performance but it's a must see. The atmosphere and the talented actors/actresses just really set the stage for a good show. It was a Christmas gift worth giving. Not only did I have an excellent day, I was spending quality time with my mother, my sister and niece that I don't do very often. Times like these I cherish because we're having a great time, there isn't any "drama" While walking the streets of Chemainus, I often thought to myself that life can be anything that we make it. During the performance many times I thought, wouldn't it be wonderful to have musicians, and actors in our family. I'd definitely support. They were having so much fun sharing their talent and with dedication (practice) our children can be just as talented and funny! That's where their "drama" needs to switch to the stage! My mother is very talented with oil paintings (wild life), wood scrolling and music. She can play the piano, the guitar, basically any musical instrument. Some of our children we bought guitars for although their patient level is nill. They seem to believe that picking up the guitar or sitting down at a piano, the music just automatically appears from their fingers. I also have an acoustic guitar that I would love to find more time for! Today was a bit of everything for me. Laughter, it was sentimental, it completely set my Christmas spirits on high and I question myself, "When will I get new strings for my guitar and start playing?!" Maybe a New Year quest! My mother insisted we go into this popular little candy store. (She can be very cute) Inside she bought all of us these Bon Bons, all different colors. (I think they're Bon Bons) A chewy circle candy with a white frosted coating. They are delicious regardless what they are. I thought about sharing them with the rest of my family but because of the expense and they were bought for me - na, it's sacred. After all, just sometimes; something has to be mine. BUT definitely has me thinking about our children's Christmas stockings! To end, if you want to get into the spirit or just have a great time, see Countryside Christmas. Another thought, their 2012 season tickets are also available. What a nice Christmas present would that be!? I'm thinking about making the Theatre a tradition for our family in the future!

"Thankyou Mom, it was a very special day being together!" This is why having a family is so important, for sentimental days like these. I know I still need them!

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