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Thursday, November 17, 2011

"It's just home"

I don't like to wish time away although this week I'm glad it's over! We juggled a pediatrician apt, three mostly full days of neurological testing, therapeutic horseriding, a doctors visit, a physical test of sorts and slid in some Christmas shopping! AND I went grocery shopping that took three hours! I'm used to being stared at while doing anything with our family and especially grocery shopping! At Costco today I over loaded my cart to the point where I was standing there holding chicken. I had several comments. For example: "I'm sure glad that's not my cart!" "You need a tow truck!" to questioning, "This must be your other mortgage?" In fact, groceries seem to be two mortgages! "Who are you feeding, an army!?" I just laugh because many of these comments were true! I did need a tow truck....and I did wish if my chickens were alive, they would run along behind me! Three stacked grocery carts and three hours later I arrived home just to unload and start dinner! You're probably wondering if we had no food prior, no that's not the case. I'm a mother that likes to have everything needed (stalked) sometimes doubled (tripled) if on sale. I never usually have to run to the store for anything, our children will never go hungry. What's interesting about me is I really want to make sure everyone is well fed, otherwise satisfied. I don't want our guests to be shy going for seconds or thirds. I remind myself of a little ole Grandmother that pushes food....mostly in a loving healthy way. I even recognize how I am but I just can't control myself when entertaining. Our oldest daughter and her boyfriend came over for dinner. My daughter dished out her boyfriends dinner. I just couldn't leave it alone......I told her that wasn't enough. I insisted he needed more. ( ha ha ) He is just a lovely young man and after dinner he was stuffed, crashed out on our couch. It reminded me of my husband! While our oldest daughter was here, we had the best tantrum and the best spilled milk all over her boyfriends feet! But the nicest part of the evening was when she said, "I love home, as in home with you and Dad" See, we aren't a typical family. Yes we cost a whole lot more, we can be noisier, there will be different scenarios happening, possibly challenges but at the end of the day, we remember the laughter and the significant comments that make everything worth it. Our oldest daughter mentioned she wants to be here on Christmas Eve, sleeping over.......she might of moved out but she's not ready to start her own tradition. (Not yet) And that's "Ok" I will take as much time as I can get with our children, and our adult children. Judging by this Christmas, our home will be enriched with family. (A Christmas we will never forget) Even my Father & Mother will be here........and my Mother & my sister and her family........and as our oldest daughter explained, "It's just home"

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