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Saturday, November 19, 2011

What's your wish?

With the little bit of hardened snow around here our children are having a blast. Automatically they've decided it's "Christmas!" In 11 short days it will look a lot like Christmas around here! Our children's excitement levels are heightening and my craft room looks like an elf room. We asked what our children wanted for Christmas, reminding them that the gift of giving is nice but Christmas isn't about material items. Our eight year old said, "I want it to snow for a long time" I starting thinking to myself, "No that won't be on your list either!" Our eleven year old daughter said, "A horse".........Um, "No" Again I started thinking to myself that a material item in this case would be much easier! I tried again on our other eleven year old daughter, asking..."What would you wish for Christmas that isn't a material item?" Her answer was, "A Hannah Montana wig!" Well my eyes were starting to cross. I explained to her that's a material item. Her response was, "No it's not, it's hair!" So my mission on asking our children this question continued. Our littlest son who's three wants a fish! Mmmmm.......I could probably provide smoke salmon! What I noticed with our own family survey asking this question stumps their answers. My husband had an excellent answer, "My wish would be if everyone did one good deed to another on a daily basis, this world would be a better place" My husband is a man after my own heart! Our seven year old son answered, "Chocolate milk" Some of our children reminded me of a deer caught in my headlights. So I moved on. Your probably thinking that my wish has to do with large families - lol - in fact I've written enough about that. My Christmas wish is about every one's health. To be healthy and happy on Christmas and throughout the New Years to come. We can be rich with money, material items but without health, none of that matters. Surprisingly our five year old son answered, "For my sister to walk" How profound is that!? Immediate Christmas tears filled my eyes. I suddenly pictured our little daughter running around with her siblings outside. One day this will be true.....and a Christmas wish worth making. When I told our oldest daughter about the one answer I received, (for her sister to walk) she chose that too! I've heard the power of prayer is great, call it a wish or some hope; believing brings positive outcomes. My quest for brilliant answers weren't that discouraging after all, in fact I was pleasantly surprised and once again, filled with Christmas spirit!

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