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Monday, November 21, 2011

"Just a post"

A busy Sunday it was. It started with fourteen of us heading to see Santa Claus at the mall! Believe it or not, Santa was welcoming his lap to all of us! It was our family piling on Santa! Not only was that successful, we had spectators! We were asked if we were from an organization? We were asked if we were a group from somewhere? I just said, "We are just a family" Santa was so impressed that he was willing to come to our house! I wonder if he'll show on Christmas Eve?! From the mall we heading over to an adoption celebration where we watched some children perform their talents and was served goodies and cake. If anyone is unaware, November is Adoption Awareness month. So there has been different celebrations all over Vancouver Island and across British Columbia. We left early to take ten of our children swimming. (Usually a Sunday tradition of ours) That way we're all showered and ready to attend school the following day. Another area we seem to take over; is the showers within the pool. We have a family system that works like a charm on most swimming outings. This Sunday we swam with another adoptive family. Our friends children are so wonderful with our little ones. Then came Monday. A day of baking and doing all the laundry! What's really exciting about Monday was we've planned a group movie trip to see "Breaking Dawn" this week! All of us older teens/young adults (including me) are off to the movies to see the famous love story between a Vampire and a human. (The Twilight series) I've heard it's the best one a kiss from a Vampire must not be that bad! I promise I won't write about it. It's been a busy two days, so time for me to curl up and fall asleep into a good book.

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