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Monday, November 14, 2011


We have a completely different feeling and appreciation for the police. In fact, several different constables knows us personally. They know our last name, who we are, what we're about and knows the pasts of our children that came from foster care, their birth families - the whole dynamic of certain situations they're completely aware and on board of anything that could arise. Nothing needs to be explained and they're only a phone call away. We had a personal visit not long ago from one of the constables we know, interestingly enough our neighbors automatically question, "What's wrong?" I smile, stating nothing. Just because they arrive in a police vehicle doesn't mean anything. One aspect I love about our community being small is, we receive immediate attention usually. I have many dinners, different nights that involve different family friends, I'm starting to think that inviting our friends, (Police Officers) over for dinner, a night of platters while off duty would be a great idea! Meaning their family too because some of our children are friends with their children. There is one constable I just love. It's not just about work, it's about the people involved. Understanding and again, having compassion for. What's really nice is we're getting to know the system and how it really works. I won't get into much detail although one story I fondly remember is; there isn't much help for the mentally challenged unless someone is threatening their own life, or someone elses. So, there is a mentally illed individual living underground. He claims the aliens are coming. Even his family can't get him the help he needs because it's completely voluntary. He suffers from schizophrenia. You would think under those conditions, an ambulance would take him to the hospital for evaluating. Sadly, "No" As much as there is lots of help provided when needed, in some scenarios not so much. This is definitely not a perfect world. One detail I've learned was to document everything. Documentation has power. So if anyone is having difficulties in any area, document. This provides the truth with time lines, distorted stories reveal and it will build the necessary help needed when or if someone will either end up in court or at the hospital being evaluated. You're probably wondering why on earth am I writing about our neighborhood police and documenting life's mishaps. Well who knows what our future holds, who knows what your future holds - I'm merely just sharing what a constable told me. It could be valuable information one day. Our world isn't what we think it is, or what we believe we'd like it to be, it's a place to be educated. I remember when I was a child, I would walk 4 kilometers to school one way. Now our children can't walk from the bus stop. Being aware is prevention. I thought I'd write about, perhaps remind that we always need to prevent and be prepared for the unknowns. Socializing and getting to know the system is (I think) a step in the right direction. Every preventative measure we take, we take seriously. I hope you do too.

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