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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Home sweet home!

We're home! Camp Homewood is a wonderful place. Mainly it's the adoptive families that make it so special. We all can just be ourselves without explaining our lives on the "whys" of adopting. We all have something in common. We all seem to understand each other, understand our children and ultimately it's a place to have fun, enjoy every ones company and believe it or not, relax! I went alone with ten children. Camp Homewood's atmosphere and the dynamics allows parents to enjoy themselves too! All our children have friends and the picture above is our five year old son with his best buddy. When they're together, they're inseparable! Usually children will interchange time with each other but for these two, they were partners in crime for everything! During a group activity one evening I watched the two of them looking for each other to be partners. There wasn't any other partner for this pair! It's not only cute witnessing their interaction but their bond is naturally wonderful. This is one significant friendship that our children have through the adoption events we participate in. There is several friendships. Not only for our children, I feel so grateful to have so many wonderful friends through our adoption circle. Just supportive amazing people. I feel comfortable and that's the way friendships should be! Reflecting back, we had some great laughs. There is one father who has this fun personality about him, if anyone - he can make me laugh! I'm still smiling about how he made one of our sons do the jiggle over and over again by asking, "How is it done......?" "Are you sure that's how it's done......?" "Can you show me again?" Anyways, it was a "had to be there" moment to fully understand why it was so funny. Concluding, it's just a great bunch of families. On our way home I was extremely tired. When we arrived home, it was unpacking. Then I made nine lunches for school, cooked dinner, cut six heads of hair, bathed seven children that need more help then others. I cut my husband's hair. Made popcorn. Started defrosting twelve plus fish with a hair blow drier (kidding) Although over twelve fish are defrosting in our bathtub. If this week isn't busy enough, I'm smoking fish all this week! Now here I am, writing.......reminiscing while being sleep deprived! What's better then this weekend, is being home. To end this post I was telling a funny story this past weekend (at Homewood) about what happened to my husband while I was away for a few hours Christmas shopping on Thursday night. I come home and he's clearly frustrated with one eye closed. It was watering like there was something in it. I asked, "What's wrong with you?" At first he told me that I didn't want to know....then proceeded to explain that our littlest daughter vomited all over him so he put her in the bath. Not long after and without my husband's acknowledgement, our daughter pooped and started to paint lovely brown streaks up and down the side of the tub. So she clearly needed cleaning, the bathtub needed cleaning and while he was doing this, he somehow got poop in his eye! For him, it wasn't so funny although I'm still laughing. So when I arrived home he was still having the after shocks from the watering eye complaining that he might get pink eye! LOL After telling this story at Camp Homewood on my husband's behalf, the funny father that I wrote about above told me to take a picture of this book title and show my husband. It was called, "Thank you POO" (A Winnie the Pooh Story)When I showed him this evening, he said chuckling, "I had to buy eye's still in there!" I was informed to tell him that the next time he bathes our daughter that he should be provided safety goggles, rubber gloves and a haz mat suit! OH home sweet home..................

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  1. I can't wait until our youngest is ready to go to Camp Homewood. I love all the stories we hear about it, and being with families who 'get it' will be so refreshing!

    Thank you for sharing!
    Love and Hugs,