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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Smoked Turkey

It's almost that time when I start smoking fish. I smoke enough fish to last almost one year. After I'm done smoking our fish I've been considering smoking a Turkey. There was one year a candied a Turkey in our garage in a cooler. See, Turkey's and I have this understanding that we struggle together. I feel like Mr. Bean. The whole spreading of the legs, the overloaded stuffing that I can't get just right. It's a process in my kitchen that looks quite funny. Even our children are laughing because I'm always yelling for help. "Hold this leg!" I'm always fumbling around with the bird but I can roll nice sushi, make decent salad rolls and cook any East Indian dish! This year I'm thinking about smoking the Turkey! Forget the oven. I've heard that smoking 16 pounders is less worry for contamination risks. For us, I would have to smoke two turkeys. Smoking a turkey is a complete different non traditional experience. An experience that I'm willing to try because after all, I can easily smoke fish! So what struggle could I possibly have? (lol) The main concern would be any contamination's. As long as the turkey registers at a 165 degrees f it is safe to eat no matter what the color! You're probably questioning, color? Well smoking food is completely different then baking it in the oven. The meat may appear pink and might have a smoother texture. This is completely normal. Many people smoking a turkey will do this on their BBQ but I'm going to attempt smoking a turkey in my Indian Chief where my fish is always smoked. As long as I have a temperature of 165 f inside the turkey, we are safe. I'm also going to use hickory chips. My time frame will be at least 8 hours for a 16 pound turkey. (Probably much more) I've heard it's not a pretty turkey but the taste would impress a Mother in law! Anyone who knows me, knows I can get carried away in the kitchen. I love to experiment. With experimenting, I do have knowledge with what I'm cooking. I remember back when I was a young teenager and I wanted to make a meal for my parents. I told them I knew what I was doing........I made this casserole that consisted of vinaigrette potatoes, Dijon mustard hamburger with cheesy crusted noodles on top! It sounds horrid but everyone liked it! It's the contrast of different flavors. It's amazing what our taste buds would enjoy and also come accustomed too because believe it or not, most of our children love the sushi I make with the smoked salmon and avocado. If it's just our family, I don't spare the hot sauce. Something that's really interesting that we've noticed is our newest daughter, she loves spices. In her previous foster home they were Filipino. It's been difficult to get her to eat given her special needs. Another frustrating dilemma, possibly another post from this one but our main concern is nutrition. We have been giving her everything. She loves rice. The Filipino's use hot and spicy dishes with coconut milk. I'm finding our little girl enjoys my most spiciest foods. It's all with what we're accustomed too. For our family we have a variety because one place I like to be is in my kitchen. Our next surprise is smoked turkey! AND you're probably wondering why I would want to spend so many hours on smoking anything, right? It's outside. I love the outdoors. I have smoked fish in the snow, in the pouring rain and I just love the experience. The difference. Sometimes living on the edge from traditional is good. So next up........."Smoked Turkey"

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