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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Boston Terrier search

Recently my parents lost their beloved Boston Terrier due to cancer. We are currently looking for a Boston Terrier breeder or puppies that are for sale.

If anyone knows a breeder or hears about Boston Terrier puppies for sale, please send the contact information available by either posting directly onto this post or emailing me.

Thank you so much...............


  1. Hi Carrie. We've never met, but we know a lot of the same families. I have 12 kids remaining at home (22 in total), and so enjoy reading your blog on a regular basis. We live in North Nanaimo, so we're bound to bump into each other sooner or later.

    Anyways, I believe that there is a sign advertising Boston Terrier puppies at the top of the road coming out of Costco ~ it's on a telephone pole on Applecross Road , directly in front of you when you come up that back Costco exit. I'm in Prince George right now, getting a son settled at UNBC~ otherwise, I'd drive over right now to see if my memory has failed me or not. I hope that the sign is still there, that it is indeed for Boston Terrier pups, and that they have some puppies left. This sounds like a lot to hope for, so my fingers are crossed...

    Best wishes,
    Pam GS
    (I would have written you a private email instead of this posting, but couldn't find a link on your website)

  2. We've met! (long, long ago!) I would love for you to email me, Always Carrie.

  3. Pam, thank you for your attempt to find my parents a puppy! We looked but there was no sign. I found out today the search is over! September 30th they're bringing home their new Boston. :)