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Friday, September 9, 2011

Be consciously aware, it works!

My thoughts of inspiration - I've heard having goals need to be written. Our chances on actually accomplishing something that we say we will is only 45% but if we put it in writing - by our bed, on the mirror in our washroom and on a calendar we see everyday - then there is a 85% chance we will do it. This might sound silly but I'm going to try this to motivate myself to get back into the gym. I'm a busy Mother but I'm not busy enough to dedicate one hour a day to myself with no exceptions or deviations. I've written a post on a "Happy self" This is one area I enjoy doing that I didn't mention. I can't stress enough that if you don't find time for your own mind and health - you are no good to anyone else.

I have been thinking about how life can sometimes be complicated. The reality is things aren't complicated, people make it that way. I'm not an exception because with everything or anything, it's to re-learn on how to deal with what's presented. We choose as individuals if it's going to become a complicated situation or not. Stress and anger is only held within yourself, anger only eats at and effects the person carrying it. (Not the ones that perhaps cause it) So if we make a conscious decision to be stressed or angry - no one can control that but ourselves.

My second oldest daughter learned something this summer, she learned that if you're always pleasant and approaching with a smile, you will either baffle or break anyone who seems unfriendly. Today her and I went on a huge grocery shop. It was one of those days having conversations with strangers seemed appropriate. I really really didn't want to go get groceries but our day seemed full of positive energy. I accidentally bumped into a lady with my grocery cart. I apologised and demanded that her husband massage her later - this spiraled into a great conversation. Later in the parking lot while loading our van, strangers were continually commenting about our loaded carts. Instead of ignoring comments, I had two different people engaged in a conversation with me. During our second grocery store, we bagged up twenty-ish apples, twenty-ish pears and a gentlemen asks, "Baking pies?" "Not in this heat sir, this will average two each for our children" I answered and explaining that we have a larger family. My biggest smile of the day was when he said, "You're lying" I laughed reminding him to have a great day thinking to myself after my grocery bill, "I wish I was!" Basically it's on how we choose to handle what's presented to us.

In conclusion, learning to just accept what is and have compassion for differences solves most stresses, relieves tension and saves most heart-aches. I can write about it but it's a conscious awareness to have everyday to turn anything negative into a positive. People can't argue or fight against smiles. Having an active engagement attitude and supplying education will smooth over whispering comments. Remembering the most important person is you. Yes our children - BUT without a healthy you, you can't look after who's most important to you.

When I write, I'm reminding myself. Like above, write it down and place your reminders where you can see them. It can be about anything and hopefully 85% of the time it works!

"Be kind to unkind people - they need it the most" - Ashleigh Brilliant

"Being considerate of others will take your children further in life than any college degree" - Marian Edelman

Finally, "If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion" - Dalai Lama.

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