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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Love through Adoption

We have faced and will face many challenges with our children. I'm hoping with our numbers we'll come out on top with some of our challenges. I can write and write about what we deal with , how we manage and over come some issues but this post is about the other side not everyone sees. The love I've personally witnessed through adoption. The picture above was taken when they weren't expecting it. I didn't provoke this hug to happen. I was just standing near supervising and when I looked over they were hugging. I quickly pulled out my cell phone and took the picture. They didn't know the picture existed until later. It's currently one of my favorites. It just shines love. This picture represents three different birth families that are now siblings. Siblings that are best friends and clearly have love towards each other. I knew as a Mother I could love unconditionally and I had only faith that our children would too. This picture proves that children can indeed love unconditionally and accept new siblings into their lives just as much as a Mother can accept a child. What's really beautiful is that our children embrace and accept new siblings with special needs. In our family, no one is different. During our first couple of days of school, our five year old son started kindergarten. Every time he leaves and returns home, his new little brother hugs him. This is what adoption is for us, it's not only about having a family, it's about feeling accepted, a connection with each other - no matter what our children have somebody. A Mother, A Father, A sibling to embrace with. It's moments like these that make any stressful challenge worth it. I as their Mother won't be here forever but they will have their siblings to stay connected with when they're adults. Hopefully on whom they will still call their brother or sister. No doubt our large family has it all but most importantly we do have love.

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