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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Family circle

Our liaison worker suggested an idea for our family and I loved it! We actually tried it at dinner tonight. What we're going to do every Saturday night is all of us will be sitting in a circle. I will set the stage with candles and possibly candy, chips or popcorn will be in the middle. You don't have to have food but I'm all about having the atmosphere inviting! While we're settled into our family circle (which could take sometime) we will pass around an object. Whoever has the object speaks about anything they want. While the rest is practicing respect - being quiet. For our family, if there is snickering, teasing, gestured noises, laughing while someone is speaking, they will be removed from the circle until respect can be given. Once the individual is finished, the object is then passed to the next person. We tried this at dinner tonight. (Practicing) I was explaining this exercise and of course we had some "jokers" Although eventually everyone was catching on. It was great. Our five year old son said, "I learned today that I can't punch my sister in her nose" Then our almost seven year old son said, "I really like school and I'm learning about leaves" Our three year old son is so intellectual, in complete sentences he said, ".........went into my bedroom when she wasn't allowed Mom" I smiled thinking that tattling is coming out even with this exercise! When the object reached my husband he said, "There is not enough meat in this stew and how am I suppose to maintain my muscles?" Of course when I held the object I explained the exercise. Needless to say it's an awesome exercise to do with your family. It teaches respect and patience while someone else is talking, we are all listening to each other and everyone at the end feels important to have been able to speak within the group. We will also find out different feelings that we might not ever have known! Our family group would consist of thirteen people for sure. (Our usual group that's together) Another thought to add later is different topics or themed to make it fun. Wouldn't it be fun if we all dressed in grass skirts with flowered lays eating pineapple drinking virgin pina coladas! I can't wait to officially start an evening with our family circle. After practicing during dinner, most of our children wanted to do it again! What will your Saturday night entail?

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