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Monday, September 26, 2011

Their "Tickle Trunk" Mother

It's that time of year again to pull out our tickle trunk. Yes the picture above is me wearing a unicorn head, funky white and purple gloves, a red and white nightgown with my ole jacket, boots and red wings hooked to my back. I used to be totally into Halloween. In the past ten years I've changed. I don't mind taking our children out trick or treating for an hour or so while they laugh hysterically at their Mother dressed like she rolled in a box of unwanted items. We also attend a pumpkin walk with hundreds of lit pumpkins and at the end of the trail there is hot chocolate and a bomb fire. Every year I buy ten-ish pumpkins and our family carves different faces or images into the pumpkins while I roast the pumpkin seeds in garlic butter. Last year some of our children laughed at me while some of our pumpkins rolled through the store parking lot. I lost a few from falling off a over loaded grocery cart! I quickly looked around and gathered up our cracked pumpkins and left the scene! Now I dread the candy wrappers all over the house, in the pocket of jeans after I've done the laundry! There is nothing worse then melted chocolate in the pocket of jeans! I know I can easily change our traditional night of trick or treating but it's like taking the tooth fairy away. Childhood memories that I love creating and that I want our children to have. So as much as this one night could pass without thought, I, like many others follow the trick or treating tradition. Plus it's just so cute seeing all our children dressed up, we have elephants, lions, unicorns, monkeys basically the animal kingdom! I remember one year I laughed so hard at my husband wearing this mask. While he walked, his mask eyes were constantly looking in the sky. Inside he could see straight ahead but from the outside it looked like he was walking around star gazing. Another year I was trying to make my husband look like a punk. Blue spiky hair. My bright idea was using blue food coloring. husband rubbed in the blue food coloring into his hair, it seeped into his scalp and eventually running down onto his face. He scrubbed for hours trying to remove the blue stain to his face and his hands. He had this look for days. The funny part of this story is, he didn't look like a punk, he was constantly asked if he was a little blue smurf! Throughout our years of dressing up we've won costume contests (not in the above picture of course) and we've had lots of fun. Stories worth sharing. Even some of our sons as well as my husband has dressed up like girls. The blond hair, the makeup, the frilly dress to the higher heels! Great sports! I can be worse then a commercial or a department store because I already have Thanksgiving, trick or treating and Christmas all being prepared weeks and months in advance! If anything, we have some great laughs together even if it's generalized at my husband or I - after all, I am their tickle trunk Mother.

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