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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Next project 1001

We're going on our third year of house renovations. The only reason why we have built bigger and started house renovations to a three year old home is because we have a large family. We have future ideas that our home can provide or maybe the obvious, we're completely insane. Regardless our next step 1001 is at it's beginning stages. Our new stairs are almost complete which means tearing out our existing stairs that sits central in the middle of our living room. We've decided to even take back the wall that divides the living room from the hallway. So today I've been wiping down ornaments and tucking them away. We're analyzing our living room, ready to move furniture out of the way. It's going to be amazing, it will resemble more of a open floor plan, more room for a longer kitchen table and a wheel chair! Project 1001 finishes our home. Anyone who knows my husband knows that projects are endless around here. 99% of the projects are built for our family. At least during this project, my husband can watch the glue dry while laying on the couch! This weekend we're heading back to Camp Homewood. I'm taking most of our children to a First Nations camp. Consisting of different activities and arts generally reflecting on their culture. Once again they're extremely excited and I will be teaching the children to make Medicine bags. I've taught classes of 25 children and it usually takes an hour and a half. A medicine bag is an ancient item that spiritually represents the person who wears it. The medicine bag is known in all cultures and through out all of history. They contain objects such as leaves, feathers, stones, herbs such as sweet grass, sage, cedar, lavender or pinion and other objects which have been added by the wearer and considered spiritually significant. The reasons to carry a medicine bag according to the Aboriginal culture is for guidance, healing and protection. Most medicine bags contain a quartz crystal as one of it's objects. Quartz energy resonates with all the energies of the physical body and is considered a remarkable healing stone. It connects you to your spiritual self. Our family believes in keeping their/our heritage alive, too support our children and educate their history. Our home I hope embodies multiculturalism because I believe we're all human beings with a culture that's important. So while I leave this weekend with our children, my husband will be once again left to work on our home and driving our teenagers around during his spare time! Then in a weeks time, we'll be ready for project 1001! Now only if I could slip tightly, securely into a friends backpack and head where it's not raining for a week. Where it's hot with white sandy beaches......and no drywall dust and major house carnage! Okay, I'm kidding - helping my husband can be a beach too!

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