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Monday, March 7, 2011

Happy Birthday "Yes, finally!" Whoooo!

I have to apologise for my below post after re-reading it, it's not making much sense. I wrote it late last night under exhaustion. I will leave it but just remember I am a "weird" deep thinker! Who am I? I am searching my ancestry right now wishing to be "Metis" so I can be closer to my children then what people may think! Although my findings might be a French/Norwegian Canadian and that's "Ok" too! It's a beautiful Monday! It's also our daughters 11th birthday today! Our daughter has OCD (Obsessive compulsive Disorder) She has been telling us it's her birthday today for weeks. Every day for weeks, more then several times a day for weeks, her birthday is today! I am so glad it's her birthday today because then she can focus on something new, like Spring break! We will be counting every day, several times a day when Spring Break is over with our daughter. It's something that's a part of our family, different special needs. We are completely used to each and every different need our children have. This morning, Monday; our daughters birthday, she reminded me, it's her birthday today! YES......Happy Birthday! Finally it's arrived! Obsessive compulsiveness is a type of anxiety. It affects your thoughts, emotions and behaviours. I've heard that 1 out of 10 people can develop different levels of OCD sometime in their life. It can be draining listening and re-answering someone with OCD. Not only can it be as simple as their birthday, OCD can be directed to a person or objects. Which can lead to intrusiveness. Our daughter does have the "leach effect" on certain individuals. This is where I'm always aware on where and what our children are doing. Usually I will ask and explain to the person she's obsessing with her special needs and if it's "Ok" that she's around you? I find many people are polite. They seem not bothered by her constant interaction but I intervene and send her towards a different focal point. When our daughter was younger she was fascinated by turning off and on the lights. As she ages, her OCD seems to mature and it's directed to events, such as her Birthday, Horse riding, Camp Homewood, Spring Break, people - anything that is generally different and exciting. She's also extremely intelligent with numbers and cards. She catches onto games very quickly. Like "Go fish" and "Chess" If you've come to our home, usually she'll be asking you to play over and over again. The attention is high. Today being her Birthday, she's at school while I blow up balloons and make her a chocolate cake. I'm feeling for her Teachers today because they told me last week every day she's obsessing over her Birthday, over and over again, they are reminded her Birthday is today! So today, all day, it's her Birthday! As soon as she comes home, I will be reminded it's her Birthday! With all our children's Birthdays we give them the opportunity to choose what they want to do. Our daughter wants chocolate cake and Grandma and Grampa over! Another reminder, chocolate cake and Grandma and Grampa over! So today I'm making chocolate cake and calling my Mother to make sure she didn't forget that it's our daughter's birthday today, that she needs to be here as requested to eat chocolate cake tonight with our daughter on her Birthday! With our daughters OCD, we can keep it under control with us repetitively keeping on top of what she's obsessed with. For example, band aids. If you allow the band aid without a significant bleed, she will always ask for a band aid. Some people including I'm sure professionals at our School must believe I'm the mean ole Mother not allowing band aids. This is one of many rules, no band aids unless you can't stop the bleeding, no "hugging" High fives instead because then it leads to poor boundaries. Our reasons are completely valid. It goes back to where I explain how important it is for routine, structure and some organization within our life. So speaking of routine it is Monday, I better get cracking in the kitchen! I have baking, laundry, cleaning, dinner and a chocolate cake to make!

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