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Monday, March 14, 2011

Our break has begun!

I'm loving the time change! 7pm during Spring Break and it's still light out! I love our four seasons but Spring and Summer are my favorite! Our first day consisted of Cyber City. Three hours our children played tag and hide in seek in a hamster town. Unfortunately our weather has been pouring rain and wind. So we've been searching for inside activities. The first glimpse of sun we'd like to take day trips in different directions. When I can, I like to hike different parts of the West Coast trail. Many of the trails offer short distances which makes an excellent day for our whole family. Our Island is extremely beautiful. I have had the opportunity to see Cape Scott, Pachena Bay, the Juan De Fuca trail where Bontanical Beach is, of course different trail heads through-out Tofino and Ucluelet. The beauty living on an Island is we're surrounded by areas everywhere that is worth stopping for. So some of our Spring Break will include beach adventures. (Weather permitting) We try to teach our children that it's important for physical activities and I truly believe children learn or repeat on what they see their parents do. So being a positive role model by being active is not only healthy for me, great for our children and for their future too! I'm hoping the weather brightens where we can attend the Pacific Rim Whale Festival in Tofino. There will be Grey whales and marine life education, children's fun and First Nations cultural workshops. Even if the weather doesn't brighten, we're going! I keep telling our children we're not made of sugar, so we can experience a little rain! Our Spring Break is going to be busy with multiple activities, places to see and a few dinners with friends. Speaking of friends, over chocolate fondue we were discussing trips. We basically came to the conclusion that our family won't be flying anywhere together anytime soon. My husband and I frequently discuss purchasing a Handy Dart bus. When we do, we were discussing travelling together. Blending our two families in a Handy Dart bus pulling our luggage! It was definitely an interesting concept that could work. We did question how it would look with the different border crossings and wondered if we would be hassled? As long as we have all our children with their passports and birth certificates we should be fine. I would have to bring a laptop with me because I bet a trip like that would make an interesting run of posts! (Ha ha) Well I think it would be great. So who knows what the future holds but what I do know is, it will never be dull! That's the beauty having a large developing family and friends, our days are full with not only beautiful adventures, it's full of laughter with each other. Like the saying goes, "A family that plays & laughs together stays together" Well at least I sure hope so!

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