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Thursday, March 17, 2011


Beastly and how fitting for my feelings this week. A few of us went and saw the movie Beastly. A modern remake of "Beauty and the Beast" A movie about falling in love with someones inner beauty. I am a person that strongly advocates to our children what ''real beauty' looks like. That anyone and anything can be beautiful but beautiful isn't just in a physical form. Beautiful physically to our eye means absolutely nothing when you're not beautiful within. It doesn't matter what our outside appears to be. What is beautiful? I describe beautiful within our character, our personalities and our compassion for one another. Beautiful is accepting each other for who we are, caring about ones feelings, think before we speak, judge or quickly throwing out an opinion. Beautiful is having an open heart and understanding. If anything being a Mother; it's important to me to teach our children compassion and the "true" meaning of being beautiful. I've written this before so I'm probably sounding repetitive. In fact, I'm always repeating myself so that's nothing new! Our personalities really reflect who we are and with education I believe some personalities can change and become more beautiful. I've often heard the saying, "Beautiful inside and out" I think being beautiful within yourself is more important then our physical appearance. I completely understand that we all want to be beautiful physically. I especially have struggled through-out my younger years with my curly hair and my scarred skin. Having scars makes you want to hide, with hiding you can't be your true self. People who hide underneath hoodies developed this insecurity because Society sees them differently and sadly they see themselves differently too. I feel sad that people with abnormal physical appearances are left feeling this way. I believe everyone is capable of being beautiful. Then there's the flip side, some physically beautiful people are the true "Beasts" because they have no compassion for others within themselves. They are so wrapped into their own world, everyone else doesn't matter. This is really sad because to me without a personality change within, they are the beasts in my mind. So for me raising our children, the most important attribute is their developing beauty within. I can be sensitive, sometimes hurt and embarrassed for some of our children's actions. If I'm aware and recognize their behaviours (that to me) are unbeautiful for their character, I will apologise. Mostly most of our children I see great potential to become these beautiful individuals I talk about. I would rather have our children have this inner beauty then a Medical diploma. I wouldn't want a doctor looking after me with his/her head in the clouds anyways, would you? I'm a proud Mother when I witness our children being honorable to another, making a difference and taking a leap of kindness just because. After all what's really important? Humanity. How we all feel within ourselves and towards each other is more important then what color eye makeup we're wearing that day. I can wear some funky clothing at times, not in style and not matching. It means absolutely nothing. The most important thing is that I'm kind, accepting and not judging my neighbor. Our circumstances sometimes lay out our paths, there is rocky roads, paths that can be treacherous to climb and that's why it's important for all of us to understand because life can be rough. I don't believe anyone wants to be born physically different, in wheelchairs or mentally challenged. I don't believe anyone wanted to be addicted, burned in a house fire or just different according to what most of Society believes to be beautiful. This doesn't define who we are, it's our personality and how we treat each other. How we treat strangers. I always talk about changing the world. If I could change the world....I would what? End world hunger and poverty? Sure I would love too! Reality is I can start at home. Educate our children what beautiful is because that's what's going to change the world. How we treat each other. How we see each other. Accepting and having compassion for difference, for change. Loving what is and not for how we want it. Helping, caring and truly loving each other for who we are. Loving people who we don't know. Believe me we can............and this I believe will and can change the world. I like to bla, bla, you can tell, repetitive is a key word for my life. I was driving home from a meeting this morning, seeing the sun for the first time for weeks it seems. I asked myself, "What is beautiful?" Other then our developing personalities, it's seeing the sun after weeks of rain. It's simple, beautiful is everywhere, just look and you'll find. Become within, make it your mission for yourself, your children and everyone. Eventually and hopefully others will catch on, catch onto the "real beautiful" so we all can live happily and peacefully no matter what path was given to us. Unconditionally, just love. "Be the change you want to see in this world" Mahatma Gandhi. Two other quotes of his I love is; "An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind" and "Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever" And to conclude my repetitive bla-ing post, I always tell anyone (including our young adults) , "It's never to late for change, it's a choice"

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  1. I'm sitting here wondering if I could agree with you more? Nope I can't! You have hit the nail on the head. Beauty comes from within, it's not the outward appearance. It's our hearts that matter. If our hearts are beautiful then so are we. It's the love we show one another that determines whether we have beauty.
    You, my friend (and I am so honoured to call you friend), are beautiful...inside and out! That's the truth. :-)