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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Unique is good

My huge dwelling thought for today is being different. This time I'm not writing about the differences with special needs, different heritages or family sizes. I'm writing about our personal differences. After all everyone is unique in their own way and that makes for an interesting world but is it socially accepted? As much as we'd like a socially accepting world, we don't. I completely understand like personal differences, people have personal belief systems. What I find slightly uncomforting is many people are openly and sometimes rudely opinionated with judgemental comments. Not only comments but as far as judging someones character. For example; my home is filled with different worldly artifacts, I write sometimes interesting posts, I stand baking on one leg (I bet you didn't know that) I love nature, hiking and different forms of art. Which brings my attention to individuals that personally uses their bodies as a canvass for artwork. Many people frown upon tattooing. I'm completely guessing but the percentage of individuals with tattoos are more then anyone is aware. Many are hidden. Many are personal. Then there is individuals that use their bodies to fill with meaningful works of art. I know the question is, "Why would anyone want to do that to their body?" My personal opinion and I usually keep my opinions to myself especially if it's not approving; is personal canvassing is not disfiguring, it's that individuals form of expression. It's art they want to see everyday or perhaps share. Maybe it tells a story or has significant meaning. Tattooing has been around for over 5000 years. Every culture tattoos for several different reasons. In the bronze age, the tattoos positioning suggests it was applied for therapeutic reasons, while in Russia they were known to reflect the status of the individual. There has been tombs recovered with tattoo art that was dated 3000 BC and older done by undisputed masters! Did you know the classic Japanese tattoo is a full body suit done in imaginative designs and colors? In the Pacific cultures tattooing has huge historical significance. The Hawaiian people not only tattoo for ornamental and distinction, they tattoo to guard their health and spiritual well being. I've noticed another form of art has surfaced the Western world. I didn't know until recently seeing someone that they had scarification forms on their forearms. Which means raised scars in patterns, it can be felt like braille lettering and this is popular in Africa. In the Native culture I know outstanding warriors were recognized by different symbol tattoos while the Native woman were tattooed to be recognized for their marital status. Basically this form of art has been practised for centuries worldwide. It's an interesting topic to write about, I've thought several times about writing the importance of this art and why I think individuals choose to represent themselves this way. Or any way, piercings seem to be popular, different hairstyles can be a form of expression and in the grand scheme of representation, we all have our own style. Being different doesn't necessarily mean the individuals personality is sinful or unfavorable. I know many people and friends with this form of art, some almost covered and some with a hidden one. My experience meeting people with full tattooed arm sleeves, necks, (areas what I can see) and with piercings are just as intelligent, personable and compassionate as I. Actually more intelligent, more creative and given the chance, completely friendly. So yes we're all different and I welcome everyone no matter what their preference of uniqueness is. As long as they can accept me for who I am, we're all good!

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