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Saturday, March 12, 2011

"Game is on"

My husband and I have this little inside game going on. It's been hilariously funny. We are playing little practical games on each other lately. Kind of like a bunch of silly kids. If you know us, you would understand that it's all just plain ole fun! So today my husband asked for a hair cut. Sure why not? We were having friends over for dinner, so why not a fresh hair cut! Ha, ha, ha, ha.....When I cut his hair, it's basically shaved down really short. I trim up around his ears, the back of his neck and the word, "HI" at the back of his head! He knew absolutely nothing, had a shower and was ready. During the evening I had to explain the "HI" just in case there was lurking wonderment with our company. It was a nice evening. Our dinner was hours late because I decided to cook potatoes in a BIG new 4 gallon pot! I wasn't sure what I was thinking except that we weren't going to run out of potatoes tonight! All of our children played really well, quietly well and we have one teen staying for a few days. I like him. I find him talented in several different ways, he has a great personality and I'm sure he'll be a pleasure having around. He's our daughter's boyfriend. With saying this, he's staying in our living room upstairs accompanied by our other children that seem to adore him. Between our two families, we've decided to prearrange their marriage. Hypothetically speaking. Although if I could control the future, these two make a perfect match. Before his Mother left, she mentioned what a wonderful wedding it would be here in our future landscaped yard. Come to think of it, she has a beautiful yard too! My daughter could wear my wedding dress, we could plan everything together making it the most beautiful, amazing wedding and reception for our children. Now IF this ever happened, our family would grow in numbers very quickly. We have a large family and so do they! Looking at it from my point of view is we're two families connected already through adoption, through different kinds of special needs, through having large families and I think we "get" each other. Our parenting styles are probably different but similar where we understand any situation that could arise. After all adding family can be difficult if you're not on the same page. Well who knows what the future holds, our teenagers are young and we can only hope for amazing in laws. Like my sister in law, she's not my "Out law" at all, she's my sister through marriage and my sister in my heart. We're best friends as I wrote in a previous post. Anyways, it was a good night. I had my laugh on for quite sometime with the whole "HI" stamp at the back of my husband's head. After our company left, I told him to go look in the mirror because I messed up a bit during his haircut. While trying to see the back of his head, he broke the hand held mirror......coming out saying, "I can't see the back of my head now!" Hysterically laughing, I showed him a picture I took hours earlier. "HI" He wasn't mad of course, he laughed saying, "The game is on!" OH OH!

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