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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

"While the Mother is away, the Father will play!"

It's Thursday and our seventeen year old son is home. "It was a week"...... now 100% recovery with no recurrences would be great! All our plans for Spring Break changed but we survived. While I was gone my husband continued to keep busy with different activities, swimming, biking, go-carting and tearing out our old stairs in the living room. It's amazing how open our living room is! Just taking out the stairs made SO much difference! We're going to have SO much room, more of an open floor plan and exactly what we need for easy wheel chair access! If anything this week, I came home and was impressed with our space! Not only am I impressed with his accomplishments, I'm so grateful that my husband can handle all our children, do activities, continue to work and prepare meals when I'm away. It's excellent to know that he CAN handle our home if I wasn't here! Having a large family our numbers are against us with different scenarios, so when there's an emergency at least we're both confidant in each other. Now that I'm home, Spring Break is coming to a close, there is a list of chores for this Mother to do! So another nights rest, I will be good to go......but reflecting back, during our week in the hospital I made friends with this elderly fellow and his wife. We had a semi-private room with him. During the week, I would visit with him, help him with his television and discuss life. At the beginning of the week (Saturday) he wasn't doing very well at all. Today he was walking circles on our floor! I was so happy for him. This hospital doesn't have visiting times, it's 24/7 visiting because finally they know it's important for the sick to have family and friends around at anytime. It's a lonely place to be recovering on your own. He joked with me every morning about why I wasn't watching "The Price is Right" So leaving this afternoon I left with a friend. We exchanged emails. I bought him a multiple picture frame to put his family pictures in that seemed to fall on the floor and I held his hand saying, "Stay strong, you're coming out of here too!" While reading my past posts being SO worried and upset now feeling a bit of closure being home, I realized that with all our life's negative circumstances brings something positive. It's unfortunate our son has to go through multiple issues with his lungs, it's sad for any child to undergo surgeries and be away from home. Not something I wish anyone to go through no matter what age. Now being home I'm at ease while thinking about this elderly man's hand I was holding. A new friend I hope to see again. A person along with my "phone friends" I connected with and I really hope he gets to return home soon too. For me, I will always think of him when I see "The Price is Right" Now I'm still in shock what my husband has done, amazing while the Mother is away, the Father will play!

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