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Friday, February 7, 2014

"Our dark ages"

 My spoon since I was seventeen! Wooden spoons are the best!
 Above is my electric can opener! A beauty it is!
My husband's dresser! Not much in there but it's all he needs with added air conditioning features!

Wow, we have been living and still live within the dark ages. I just spent an hour on the phone to our internet, cable and phone provider. Over a decade now we've been paying for our services that isn't providing the best use. My husband records television programs on a VCR with VHS tapes. He thought being able to rewind and fast forward was a better option. Having the VHS tape in his hand was a guarantee for use.We replaced our router twice thinking we're buying duds but meanwhile our internet provider wasn't up to date. It wasn't the internet providers fault. Completely ours. Every time we received a phone call asking us to consider upgrading, we automatically say, "No" feeling we're being solicited. Today I called them because I was having troubles receiving my email which lead to asking questions onto why our life seems so disconnected. lol We had a great conversation, we laughed and when I say we laughed, we laughed at "me" The kind gentlemen I was speaking too asked if we do online banking? I said, "Of course not" "We go to the bank" I explained that we're only in our forties but my husband feels more comfortable receiving paper mail bills, and he likes to go to the bank, he likes his VCR and VHS tapes. We struggle and become frustrated with the computer world. I can blog, connect on face book and respond with emails but with anything else, it seems like it's coming from a different land. It's not like we don't want to learn, it's just easier remaining comfortable with what we know and are used too. My young adults are constantly laughing at us because apparently we are hilarious using our old gadgets. I have a can opener that I bought when I was seventeen! It is our only can opener today. It's awesome. My husband does not like to get rid of anything because twenty years ago we bought that VCR for $500.00. lol We also have to keep it around because all our VHS movies we couldn't play! (This is including Beta) There's logic staying in the dark ages. Materials cost money and back then it wasn't easy obtaining these things. Funny, we still don't have a stereo system. We lost that over six years ago up north during an electrical storm. Even then, it wasn't a stereo system, I think it was a ghetto blaster rigged up to our television. The ghettos were expensive! My husband is a funny guy. Today he's wearing jeans that he bought fifteen years ago. There is a hole in the knee that he calls free air conditioning. His Chevy jacket is ripped from one pocket to another but it has sentimental value. We aren't cheap. Nor hoarders. He believes that if we follow society with every new gadget, every new HD, 3D whatever TV , computers extra someone else is getting rich. If we wait every five, or ten years then purchase, we're up to speed without soaking our pocket books every year. I asked our sixteen year old son for fun, "What's old in our house?" He said, "The kitchen table, "that thing" our green ford van, movies, those box computers, our dog..... Dad" That thing is a highchair, yes it's fourteen years old and we're still using it! Proving my point, taking care of your "things" will cost you less because you don't have to replace it! AND what you don't have, you're not missing it. We don't get richer replacing everything. Our green ford van might be only good for parts to sell but we can go places and not worry about spilled milk and dirty shoes! I call that our mountain van! I believe taking care of our materials, and replacing only if we have too. We don't need anything otherwise. Now to contradict myself, we did upgrade today and a PVR is coming tomorrow but we're keeping our VCR's for our VHS collection! We're keeping my totally awesome worn out wooden spoon, and until my can opener no longer works - it will open cans here. We're definitely not replacing anything that works, not our couch, our kitchen table, "nothing" because honestly with a large family, there would be no point. Our children will continue to learn and value what we have, even if it's standing on three legs and it slightly resembles the dark ages. And when our children ask, "What's that?" It's Social Studies! Continuous history learning right in our own home!

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