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Sunday, February 9, 2014

A family day post

Unedited thoughts from some of us, a post celebrating "Family Day"

i am ten years old and this is my story. right now i am waching a movie with my younger siblings. 
i like to have a big family because it is fun to play with them like soccer or basketball. i know i am adopted this is how i feel being adopted. i feel very lucky and happy to have a awesome family. i was 4 years old when i got adopted, i know i am adotded. my family supports adoption and piked me.  It is awesome to have a big family. i lived in dawson creek it was pretty small but it was sometimes hot there were there are bees. the i went to prease school there but there was a school for older kids. it was very close to us. then i got adopted by my family. i love my family.then we moved to nanoose were i am going to school.i love my mom and dad because my mom is a awesome cooker and my dad lets us drive gocarts a quads.having a big family is awesome and fun to play with.

My name is Demar and I am 11 and I am adopted I was'nt born hear. I was born in west africa and that is in liberia so this is my story. I was little in liberia then when I terned 4, I got adopted by a diffrent family and I then I staid with them for 5 years and then in the begining of the 3 summers ago I got adopted to this famly and my familys name that I am is Hohnstein. I love to play, I have almost all sport's . I played soccer, bascketball, food balland hocky. That's how much sports I played and that about rap's it up good by adyose amygos that meens see you later my frends good by my frends. My famly is awsome and mine.
I was adopted at age 7 and I remember being picked up by my dad at my old foster parents house, I remember my dad telling a bunch of funny stories in the van. When I got to new but old house in Fort.St.John and my new brother started showing me around the house. My first night there I remember my Mom making me a delcious smoothie and I was happy. Every day happier and happier I love my parents and all the things they do for me.
My name is Austin and I am 15 years old soon 16, and I am in grade 10. Right now I have health issues and Im slowly trying to help it by eating heathy, and exercise. I`ve been trying to go for runs every day but its hard because im not use to it. What im trying to say is if it wasn`t for my mom and dad telling me to go for runs and eating heathy I would be getting worse, sitting on my xbox and eating junk food. I love my mom and dad for helping me and caring about me so much, also I love them just because I just love them.They are there for me.
what family means to me, hi I'm nine years old. My family means haven brothers and sisters and a mom and dad.dogs my dad took us skating my mom cooket diner my family works really hard.they are oweas ther for me!Happy family day! 
My name is Dalton and I am 19 years old. I am the boyfriend of kylie. I cant begin to explain how grateful I  am for having Carrie  and Gerald in my life. they have been nothing but nice and supportive to me. I am currently living with them with kylie and my daughter Keira and the whole family is helping out alot with her. What family  means to me is for everyone to work together. A family in my eyes should be there for one another. Carrie and Gerald are amazing parents. I  dont no how they do it . thanx for eveything you have done and will do for us!
Hi my name is Kylie I am 18 years old. I have a 10 month old daughter named keira. As many of you have known I was a runaway for 2 years. I am back now and have been for almost a year. I live with my parents and they help my boyfriend and I raise our baby until we are able to do it on our own.  Currently we are saving up for our own place and returning to school in september. I  honestly dont know what I would do without the help and support of my family not only my parents but my own little family as well. I am enternally grateful for everything they have done and continue to do for us. My mom helps and gives advice to us we either take it or leave it. I prefer the first one. I know they try to do whats best for us and whats best for our daughter. What family means to me is having people there for you no matter what, helping and giving advice (whether you like it or not) who you can always turn to when no one is there. I never realized the importance of it until I had returned home. Ive missed out on so much I caused alot of heartache. I may have had people think badly of me and honestly I cant say I blame them . I wasnt the nicest person I shouldnt of done what I done. I just wanted to write and have people know that I appreciate what I have and that I have changed and I am grateful I do love my parents even if I dont say it enough they are everything that I need in a family. Loving, compassionate, caring, supportive, and very very helpful. I love you mom and dad and I dont know what I would do without you <3 font="">
i am 7 tomaro is famly day. i am going to habe fun tomaro we are going to the falls and see ice. i am going to smash the ice. my famly is lots of fun. my famly is big and we do lots of stuf. todday i went skating. i love my famly.
i am 5 my dad makes my bed. he hugs me. my mom makes my bedd too. my brothers play with me. i can scate this fast with out a blow thing without putting my arms out. mom helps me a lot even typing. family means playing all of us together. dad went on the ice today with me. my family is the best. we do lots all the time.
Family. My family is my strength and my weakness. - Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. Family is work. It's unconditional love, learning to have patience for each other, supporting even when supporting becomes difficult. Forgiveness. I am that "intense" mother. Family is a creation of people that love each other. The definition of family can have several different meanings to people. For me, family means uniquely designed with everyone that you love. Above some of our children wanted to write. Unedited with their own thoughts. My children are my life and I'm always grateful when they openly want to share their own perceptions on what's important. For this family day we're celebrating our togetherness. Appreciating each other. I wish for everyone out there; to love a little deeper, hug a little tighter as family is a circle of love and strength with every union. "Every joy shared adds more love, every crisis faced together makes the circle stronger" - unknown. Happy Family Day from our family to yours! XOXO

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  1. those were great story's the kids told ,from the heart ,they sure love all the family,we are proud they are in our lifes also