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Monday, February 17, 2014

One step at a time, Monday's thoughts!

Valentines Day was a nice day full of chocolate kisses, cake hearts, lobster and a romantic movie! The rain and wind storm kept us all close to home....sort of.....

Saturday was groceries, finishing science projects and Sunday was swimming!

Every time the skies open up, it was Notch Hill!
 Grandma and Grand babe (My baby birdy) Inside joke, my nickname for her!

I've been hiking Notch Hill at least three times a week, usually in snow, rain and definitely in shine!The greatest role model in life is ourselves, "us parents" and I can't let a day go by not feeling productive and alive experiencing our great outdoors!
It's Monday! A hike to Notch hill, four batches of bread (punched and kneaded the ole way) three batches of cookies, most chores accomplished, home school and a gym membership for this Grandma proves productive including this blog post! Feeling good even with my ongoing tennis elbow, my ongoing broken nights sleeps and semi-challenging teenagers! No excuses to move forward loving life! I have a proven theory....happiness comes from within. I have handfuls of children. I am completely busy 99% of the time. I choose to spend my time wisely. I choose how life looks for me. It's that simple. On the right hand side of my blog writes the truth and if you continue to believe daily this way, not only will you become a responsible more sincere person within yourself, you will know that from the moment when you awake, your choices to start the day (how you see fit) is yours. 

To conclude, while at Notch Hill this morning I thought about the past. We all have one. Every one of us has been hurt in one form or another. We all made and make mistakes. We all had to learn to move forward with either forgiveness, and/or from learning from experience. We are this vicious being called human. I've written this before, I have learned from my mistakes. From my experiences. I've learned to forgive. I continue to practice every day on how I want to live, how I want to move forward. I'm moving forward choosing not to look back into past relationships or passing blame, everything I do is completely based on my own choices I make. I awake every day with a forgiving heart, with a productive and positive attitude. I can only be the best person I can make myself and not only for myself but for my family, my friends, for our future and that's my life I want to live. I recognized how I needed to change, what I needed to do and it's my mission to live hopefully my best way possible and in hopes others will too. That's my Monday lecture, thoughts and inspiration. "Move forward one step at a time"  

What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lives within us.
Henry David Thoreau
You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”-Martin Luther King, Jr. - and you'll get there no matter where you're going, what you're doing, and what challenge you're facing!

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