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Friday, February 21, 2014


HELLO OPRAH! Recently, (a few posts below) I wrote about our daughter saying, "Hello" to strangers. I received an overwhelming flooding of emails supporting our daughter and saying, "Hello" One of my emails from a wonderful follower suggested I write Oprah. I contemplated but then I thought, "What the heck, I will write Oprah in 1500 words or less" explaining why I'm writing in the first place. This follower explained she read about Oprah. Oprah's recent plan goes hand in hand with our daughter's plan: to say hi to everyone that you meet~ the more resistant or standoffish the receiver of the hello is, Oprah says the more they actually need the hello (to validate their presence and worth in the world). Oprah was saying that the one common thing that she has seen in the thousands of interviews that she has done, is that after the interviews, people lean close to her and say "Was I okay? Did I do okay?" She said that these are famous, well known people and they still need validation that they are okay, and that what they said had worth. So Oprah has just started promoting the "Just say hello" movement. Who would have thought that our daughter would be ahead of her time? We need to tell Oprah of our daughter's instinctive intuition that life needs more hello'ers! I want to thank this wonderful lady sending this inspiring email to me, and now I have a new mission - helping Oprah's "Hello movement" and hoping that one day, Oprah will hear our daughter's "Hello" too! 

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