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Saturday, December 29, 2012

"We aren't average"

As you might of guessed, I have been busy lately to write. Right now, it's 9pm. The whole house is quiet. I should be sleeping. Sleep around here is minimal for my husband and I. Mostly and honestly self driven of course which leaves no complaints. It's not our new son. He sleeps like a baby! lol It's our five year old daughter. She awakes hourly. We're suspecting seizures and it was confirmed by birth family that what we're experiencing is indeed the typical signs. Also we're questioning aspiration and/or reflux and possible nightmares. Then there is her nutrition, which is a 24/7 chore with syringing as the last resort. It's a complete guessing game. As we wait in line for the specialists appointments, nights seem very long. Fortunately for me I'm used to looking at the clock 3-8 times a night before the 7am internal clock awakenings me. Our littlest daughter becomes ill quite often for no apparent reason except that her immune system is compromised. She is so beautiful, happy and full of spirit. When she's not herself - it's noticed. She's one daughter that I home school. I don't believe the public system would be good for her with all her needs. I receive a lot of opinions when mentioning homeschooling to some, especially different professionals. They're concerned with socialization. Although there is lots of socialism in our children's lives. I do believe our daughter would love the public system although given her broken nights, her immune system and her sensory issues, I believe it would be hazardous to her health. She's a little girl fully dependant with multiple concerns and as her Mother I'm not willing to put her at risk. We did get some negative opinions about homeschooling recently. What I don't understand is......why is anyone concerned when we know what's best for our own daughter? Everybody seems to have a voice (not a hand) inside the apple cart while raising our children but are they there through-out the night? Do they understand the impacts on a simple head cold or even getting lice with special needs children? If our daughter ever gets lice, it will be traumatic with her sensory issues. I think there needs to be more education on what homeschooling offers, what the benefits are. (I don't home school for myself) It's frustrating getting our public school children to finish their homework let alone our home school children do to their work. Our reasoning's for home schooling is health, mental capabilities and different personalities that don't necessarily do well in a public system. For instance, one of our sons is extremely shy, he had one friend that moved away and there was bullying issues. Another isn't at his grade level which leaves him confused in a overly crowded classroom of 25-30 students. Sure he might receive some help, maybe some one on one (maybe) but it's not enough to keep him on task. What happens when a teenager is bored.... is lost within his school work not knowing how to accomplish assignments? They start skipping which leads too...?....who knows what. Us as parents try and make right choices for our children in hopes for a better future for them. Some choices aren't going to be the correct ones and I find life in general including raising children is trial by error. Some things work for some children, others not so much. That's why some of our children do well within our public school system and some of them do not. I can explain why we make the choices we do until my tongue goes numb but what I've noticed within our society is, it doesn't matter. If it's not the "norm" there must be something wrong, there must be an alternative meaning. The biggest news flash for the ending of 2012 is; normal is safe. It's the easiest outlet for anyone to just follow each other and be normal. I've never been a follower. I like stepping outside the box, taking chances and making leaps that could cause questions, possible concerns and slightly raised eyebrows because I know those leaps become bounds with positive outcomes. I make choices individually concerning our children accordingly. I adopt. I home school. I'm over the top and have been known as "intense" by one of our children. With the choices my husband and I have made, (I believe it can definitely turn eyebrows) it's not the typical nor will it ever be. I'm proud to be different. I have said this over and over again that we've dedicated our lives to our children, to our family and as long as they want us.....we will guide them as best as we know how but most importantly - not normally. Uniquely and individually. Concluding........I used to take concerned questions and opinions more sensitive, now I try to educate by answering logically "semi-differently" leaving perhaps a still raised eyebrow but with knowing within our own hearts we're doing what's best for our children and yes, it's different for good reasons. So what do I know for sure.....nothing.....except we're definitely unique.

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